Custom Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Perillo Construction Inc. specializes in general contracting services for interior build outs of business offices,  retail spaces, restaurants, churches, orphanages, and more. We offer a wide variety of valuable services that enhance your project from start to finish.  We can work with your architect, or refer you to an architect that we work in conjunction with throughout the planning process. Our goal is to build blueprints to specifications using the most cost effective approach.

When blueprints are precise and ready to go, we rely on competitive bidding to hire the best contractors for the job. We then oversee and manage every aspect of the construction process. Our thorough oversight keeps projects on schedule and within budget while surpassing expectations and expediting occupancy. Our close relationships with a wide range of contractors and suppliers provide unmatched deals, as well as the peace of mind and security that comes with top-notch licensed and insured workers. We also have a vast network of architects and designers that we work with to meet any needs that you might have.

For tenant improvement projects we act as a valuable bridge between businesses, building owners and everyone else involved in the overall planning, funding and construction. Working with a tenant project manager reduces stress, saves money, increases productivity and provides the best results every time.

Construction Services

There’s a reason we remain the number one project management company for such a wide variety of industries, including both small and large spaces.

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Architecture Support

There are always aspects of architectural plans that need to be adjusted to fit your budget and needs. We go back and forth with the architect to get...

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Tenant Project Management

Our superior project management relies heavily on creating sustainable workplaces that serve everyone involved, from businesses to building owners...

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Residential Services

Homeowners, like you, can count on the Perillo team for successful completion of your home renovation services, keeping you informed every step of the way...

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