Why Remodel?

Why Remodel?

Entrepreneurs and Businesses often consider remodeling to be an unnecessary expense, particularly when the budget is already stretched thin. The truth is as your business evolves and grows, your space should too. Whatever your business front – office, store, warehouse – remodeling your space to create a more efficient and welcoming environment is good for your business. Remodeling can inspire employees, make a positive first impression on customers and clients, and showcase your company’s mission. Remodeling and renovation of your property provide a fresh new look, project a successful brand, deliver room for future expansion, increase productivity and efficiency, and even lower costs.

Remodeling Improves First Impressions

When a client or customer visits your business for the first time, your company makes an impression and you hope it is a good one. Remodeling can improve that image and make good first impression. Your business should project innovation, efficiency, and a forward-thinking image. Renovation helps businesses stay relevant and on trend in a rapidly changing world. A freshly remodeled office not only makes an impression on clients and customers, but also employees who have a direct impact on the company’s first impression and reputation.

Renovation Boosts Productivity and Enhances Collaboration

With the right contractor, remodeling shouldn’t negatively affect your day to day business. Instead, remodeling, on completion, should increase your company’s organization and functionality. During a renovation, seek to optimize every space, enhancing workflow and creating effective and comfortable work areas to support collaboration. Since your employees are your most valuable asset, providing office spaces with employees in mind is key. Be sure your remodel includes safety features as well as comfortable lighting, ergonomic furnishings, accessibility, and a tranquil environment.

When these goals are accomplished by remodeling, productivity increases, and collaboration is improved as your employees become more engaged. Employees who are engaged are more likely to work harder and less likely to leave your company, further increasing your company’s efficiency and productivity, thus increasing your business revenue.

Remodeling Reduces Operating Costs

Remodeling, planned well, can help you reduce operating costs by increasing energy efficiency and lowering maintenance costs. The materials and techniques used in today’s renovations are better, helping to improve sustainability while lowering costs. In regard to energy optimization, companies should consider remodeling with building automation as part of the plan. Energy Management Platforms (EMPs) intuitively visualize the performance of building systems, cutting costs and preventing operational failure or HVAC systems as well as IT and electrical systems. An EMP help identify problems while they are still minor, rather than when costly failures occur.

Office remodeling can also help reduce operating costs including maintenance with the installation of energy saving doors, windows, HVAC systems, and insulation. Increasing access to natural light, as well as the addition of LED lighting, as well as water saving appliances and fixtures also lower operating costs in your business.

Renovation Makes Room for Future Expansion

You want your company to grow well into the future and renovation can help you plan for increased demand in the years to come. Planning your remodel with expansion in mind can help your business remain in the current location as it grows. Optimizing space means greater efficiency and productivity now, but also in the future. Developing flexible workspaces with room for a larger staff, increased storage, and new equipment are key to planning for the future.

Are You Ready to Remodel Your Office Space?

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