What Is The Average Cost To Build Out Office Interior Space In Florida?

What Is The Average Cost To Build Out Office Interior Space In Florida

The average cost for interior office build outs in Florida varies considerably, and largely depends on the type space you are outfitting, materials used, number of walls and overall square footage.   

The Design Cost Data (DCD) magazine keeps track of current office build out costs for a variety of industries including traditional offices, medical buildings, gyms, restaurants and so forth. According to their data, the average per square foot cost for build outs ranges greatly. Some buildings spend $50 per square foot, while others spend well over $300 per square foot on heavily detailed work and high end finishes. 

It’s difficult to say how much any office build out will cost since so many contributing factors play a role. The types of materials you select, the number of walls in your building, as well as the size and purpose of the building all influence cost. 

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5 Factors That Influence Office Renovation Costs

1. How big is the building? You may think that more square footage equals more money, and in some respects this is true simply because you do have to buy more materials and hire more labor. Still in most cases, more square footage equals better discounts on bulk materials, thus costing you less money per square foot. Also, all build outs regardless of size require the same general components that cost the most money, such as electricity, insulation, plumbing, etc.   

2. How many walls? The number of walls in a space will influence how much work needs to be done. Costs increase as walls go up or come down.

3. Is the building first generation or second generation? If the building is brand new, there are little to no resources to reuse. When retrofitting older buildings there are generally some things that can be repurposed to save money and reduce overall expenses.   

4. What standard finish is used? There are generally 3 finishes to choose from:

  • Standard building finishes (most affordable)
  • Moderately above standard finishes (mid-range)
  • High-end finish (most expensive)

Mixing and matching high end finishes with lower grade finishes is a good way to make a bold statement without breaking the bank.

5. What is the intended use of the build out? Medical buildings and gyms are going to be more expensive to outfit than a standard office building with cubicles and rows of empty offices waiting to be outfitted with desks and computers.

Raw Space Vs. Existing Space

There are different types of office build outs that influence overall per square footage cost.

Raw Space—also known as ‘grey box,’ is an office space that has never been built out before, leaving you to start from scratch. The most expensive part of this sort of project often relates to installation of electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The average price per square foot for raw space build outs ranges around $50 to $110 per square foot, but may vary greatly from these numbers.

Existing Space—this is any preexisting office undergoing renovations. This type of project varies considerably, depending if a few changes are made or if the entire space is gutted. You could spend just about anything gutting the place, but if you only plan to change around a few walls or surrounding finishes you could spend very little per square foot.   

LEED Certification

Costs may increase if you apply for LEED Certification, but not always. Certain eco-friendly materials are actually way more cost effective than materials made from non-renewable sources. Not to mention, taking the green route will pay off over time in terms of increased efficiency and durability, as well as the possibility to charge more rent. 

How To Keep Office Build Out Costs Under Control

Regardless if you are dealing with a turnkey or tenant approved office build out, there are plenty of ways to help keep costs in line while still producing top quality results.

The best way to stay on budget and keep costs in line is to hire an interior or general contractor. PCI has a proven track record for keeping both big and small build out projects in line regarding goals, deadlines and budget. Not to mention, our valuable industry connections help you score the best deals on high quality materials and reliable skilled labor.    

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