Trends in Business Remodeling for 2020

Trends in Business Remodeling for 2020

As businesses get back on track after the COVID-19 outbreaks and subsequent stay at home orders, offering customers and clients a welcoming environment is more important than ever. Of course, this means new safety guidelines, which may require remodeling and updating to attract and accommodate your patrons. When the time comes for renovation or remodeling in your business, you also want to include changes to encourage greater productivity from your staff, save energy, and keep costs to a minimum, while ensuring a quality and friendly space for everyone – customers to employees – than enhances your brand. Here are some current commercially remodeling trends that may offer the ideal solutions for your upcoming remodeling project.

Lighting Trends Boast Natural Light and Energy Efficient Design

Increasing the natural light in your business space is always on trend. With over 20 percent of most remodeling projects allotted to lighting, the trend makes sense from the budget as well as the beauty point of view. As a bonus, allowing in more natural light reduces your carbon footprint, lowers your utility costs, and often boosts employee productivity and performance. Skylights, sun tunnels, glazed windows, and light shelves offer natural lighting in areas where it otherwise might not be possible. In addition to natural lighting, energy efficient lighting is always on trend and offers lots of unique lighting options outside the old office standard – fluorescent lighting.

Bathrooms Are Now a Big Part of Design Planning

While you might not think of bathroom design as trending, the fact is bathrooms are no long the postscript to modern design. Investing in modern, functional bathroom design for your office, retail space, restaurant, or boutique can set the tone for your brand identity or compromise it, no matter how beautiful the rest of your space. Also trending in bathroom design, is the addition of gender-neutral bathrooms, a popular accommodation for many customers.

Openness and Niches Prove Opposites Attract    

Today’s work environments are more open, offering ample opportunities for collaboration among employees, but featuring niches when privacy is needed. Flexible employee centered areas and amenities are trending to allow team members to no longer be tethered to their desks.  These spaces feature device connections, workstations with ample supplies, non-glare glass, sofas, custom audio-video setups,  background music, lighting controls, high top community tables, and more. Within the common open areas are nearby niches and nooks designed to promote conversation and effective impromptu meetings.  Both common areas and niches, ergonomically designed spaces enhance employee productivity, satisfaction, and comfort.

Today’s Color Trends Mimic Nature

Generally lighter tones reflect natural light better, while pops of color are known to encourage creativity. With that in mind, this year’s trending colors offer a brightness as well warmth echoing the beauty of nature. A favorite palette includes deep orange, organic golds, and spice tones to welcome employees and customers. For business spaces seeking balance and serenity, soft blues and nature-inspired greens work perfectly with gray tones.  Pastels, like lilac and mushroom, can be paired with neutrals like charcoal and white to complement both classic and modern spaces. 

Natural Design Trends

Akin to the trends of natural light and color, improving air quality should be included in your business remodeling plan. With better ventilation and eco-friendly building materials, you can increase employee productivity and decrease sick days. Add live plants with pots, flower gardens, or living walls to your design as they have been shown to decrease employee stress, boost creativity, and enhance cognition. If you have the space, consider adding an outdoor space like a patio or garden for your employees to recharge during the workday.

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