Tips to Spruce Up Your Office Space

Tips to Spruce Up Your Office Space

Numerous studies have shown the value of a great office space, enhancing productivity, reducing stress, and improving overall well-being. In fact, if your business isn’t ready for a full remodeling project, then there are lots of ways to spruce up your office by integrating décor changes to keep you and your employees happy, motivated, and productive. These tips from Perillo Construction are not only applicable for business offices large or small, but also great additions for today’s home offices as well.

Optimize Lighting

Begin by maximizing natural light. This can be as simple as changing from traditional window treatment to sheer, lightweight options to as intricate as removing sheetrock walls and adding energy efficient glass walls throughout your office space. Of course, optimizing light can also be the obvious option of adding new lighting with bright white bulbs. If your budget allows, consider taking out walls and opening your space or adding glass walls to allow light to flow from windows through your entire office space. With an open floor plan and lots of natural light, artificial lighting can do a better job of lighting spaces void of natural light. Maximized lighting increases energy, focus, and productivity of employees while reducing workplace stress.

Motivate with Color

Like natural light, color is touted to enhance mood, improve attitude, and increase productivity, making the addition of color an easy way to spruce up your office space. Painting your space is simple compared to other renovation options and can make a big difference in your office. As a visual experience, color affect the brain and how individuals work. Vibrant colors, orange and red for example, can raise your team members energy level cooler tones, like blues and greens, help employees remain calm and composed. Warm colors stimulate the mind, increase activity, and inspires greater communication. Yellow evokes optimism and innovative thought, but too much can promote anxiety. The restful tones of blues increase focus, creativity, and performance, while greens, associated with nature, lowers anxiety levels, and provokes tranquility and calm. Neutral tones – whites, grays, creams – work well as complements to other hues as well as wood flooring. Whether you are looking for ways to spruce up your existing office on a budget or in the midst of a full buildout to your new space, color is an excellent way to enhance your space.

Storage and Organization

Clutter is the enemy of productivity which makes quality storage an important part of and office improvement. In an office setting, from files to paperclips, every item needs a proper home, so everyone can easily find what they need when they need it. Today, there are lots of options available to help with storage and organization, from built-ins to freestanding options, and if your office needs positive changes, there is storage available to fit even the tightest budget. The goal is to achieve a level of minimalism, which helps employees to be more productive, because they aren’t continually searching amid the clutter for what they need to get the job done. Keeping your office(s) organized and clutter free, not only reduces stress and improves productivity, but also makes the space more inviting to clients and colleagues.

Add a Little Inspiration

There are lots of ways to inspire employees and invigorate productivity. One proven effective way to stimulate employees is to bring nature inside with live plants. Not only do live plants make your office more aesthetically pleasing but they also purify the air while looking great. Adding artwork is another way to inspire your team members, as well as stimulate interest for your clients.