Tips for Your Restaurant Build Out

Tips for Your Restaurant Build Out

If you are preparing for a restaurant build out, there are a number of considerations you should have on your build out check list. A restaurant build out is unique from other build out projects with a complete list of stringent rules and regulations. Your restaurant build out requires your architect or designer to work in full cooperation with your commercial contractor to ensure design elements and construction processes are up to code and health department requirements. As you develop your restaurant construction project check list, you must consider not only the design aesthetics and the functionality of the space, but also that each rule and regulation for restaurant construction is met.

Developing Your Restaurant Build Out Check List

As mentioned, you must always ensure that your restaurant build out team is filled with experienced professionals who have a complete understanding of the rules, regulations, and requirements for restaurants in your locality. Local heath departments have numerous requirements which must be followed to ensure a timely completion of your project and opening of your new restaurant on schedule.

While each city or county health department has a variety of guidelines for restaurants, there are a number of common requirements to consider while planning for a successful restaurant build out.

  • In restaurant construction, lighting must be covered in any instances where food is open, as well as preparation surfaces which may contain food being prepared, utensils, linens, or dinnerware is in use. Why? Should bulbs shatter, a covered light fixture will prevent glass shards from ending up in food or on cooking and services areas.
  • As part of your restaurant design, proper ventilation must be provided and vented to the outside of the facility. Appropriate ventilation works to prevent an excess of condensation, as well as heat and steam within your restaurant.
  • Storage is important in every build out, but none more so than in your restaurant. Garbage must be in a contained, completely separate area, away from other storage areas. Hazardous materials and chemicals used in cleaning and other restaurant applications must be stored separately and safely away from utensils, equipment, and food. Your food must be stored properly, with the necessary elevation and refrigeration to keep it safe for your patrons. Planning effective storage is an important consideration for your restaurant build out check list.
  • The walls in your restaurant require special consideration as well. Walls, especially those around food prep, dishwashing, and storage areas, should be non-porous, smooth, and clean easily. Walls should be easy to maintain, and sealed without cracks or holes into which insects and rodents could enter.
  • Restaurant floors must withstand an enormous amount of foot traffic, which means they must, like walls, be non-porous, smooth, and clean easily. While you can choose carpet for parts of your restaurant, often hard surface flooring is the best choices for restaurants due to its ability to be cleaned and maintained easily. Restroom facilities are required to have hard surface flooring.

While these tips offer up basic guidelines, there aren’t intended to replace rules and regulations required in your area, nor the expertise required of your construction team. Choosing an expert, like those at Perillo Construction is crucial to ensure the successful, timely completion of your restaurant build out. If you are in the process of choosing a professional team to complete your restaurant build out, the Perillo Construction team is ready to help you plan your perfect build out project. Each build out by Perillo, promises knowledge of all applicable rules and regulations, and the expertise to ensure your successful build out, completed on time, in budget, and with the highest quality workmanship available.