The Latest in Remodeling Trends

The Latest in Remodeling Trends

As you plan your commercial renovation project this year, there are a number of emerging trends destined to become timeless. From grocers to restaurateurs to retailers the latest in commercial remodeling trends deliver a fresh, clean style and attract new customers, while keeping loyal customers coming back for more. Let’s explore the best commercial remodeling trends of 2020. 

Popular Commercial Trends for Your Business

  • Energy Efficient, Natural Designs – Going green is not a new trend, but today more and more businesses are embracing environmental responsibility as smart, energy-efficient materials and systems are more easily accessible. Today’s lighting is part of the movement to more comfortable and natural design as standard fluorescent tubes are out, and energy-efficient LED lights are in! Alongside the energy-efficiency trend, comes more green space as well, including living walls, potted plants, herb gardens, and organic design elements to enhance commercial environments.
  • Experiential Design and Hybrid Blends – In retail spaces in particular, experiential design combined with hybrid concepts are becoming more and more popular. The goal is to deliver enhanced shopping experiences while reinventing space and highlighting the brand. These dedicated spaces are interactive, inviting customers to explore new concepts while discovering new products and services.
  • Enhanced, Flexible, and Functional Employee Spaces – From break rooms to work stations, employers are looking for ways to improve employee experiences. Trending employee spaces provide amenities with employee-centric design, flexible open layouts designed for comfort and increased productivity.
  • Reimaging Space – As brick and mortar stores retail sales decline, large spaces come available. These spaces are increasingly attractive to entrepreneurs with creative bent, who see the potential for pop-up eateries or warehouse sales, seasonal attractions, indoor arenas for laser tag,  or trampoline parks.
  • Investing in Bathrooms – Bathroom design is more important than ever to consumers who expect a pristine, comfortable, safe bathroom space when needed. Today’s bathrooms need to be designed both as an extension of your brand and accommodating to all customers (i.e. gender-neutral inclusive spaces).
  • Climate-Proofing – In areas prone to the negative effects of adverse weather conditions, such as flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, and more, commercial remodeling trends are focusing on reducing the effects of weather.
  • Partners and Pick-Up – Retailers and restaurants in particular are renovating their businesses with space for partner companies like Instacart, Door Dash, and other pick-up and delivery services. For retailers offering curbside or instore pick-up by consumers, redesign includes indoor and outdoor accommodations like special entrances for pick-up only, drive-through lines, and special parking areas.

Now Trending in Restaurant Redesign

  • Pick-up and Delivery Spaces – Even before the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent restaurant closures, restaurants were seeing a large portion of their business come from delivery and takeout. As the delivery and takeout continue to represent a large portion of restaurant revenue, many eateries are redesigning spaces with dedicated pick-up spaces, waiting areas, and dining-in zones.
  • Outdoor Dining – Outdoor dining is also a popular option, with many restaurants expanding their dining options outside, from sidewalks to patios, decks to rooftops. 
  • Natural, Organic Design Elements – Along with the move to more energy efficient spaces in commercial properties comes natural, organic design elements, particularly in restaurants where the goal is to provide a comfortable welcoming space. Wood, stone, and other natural elements, including plants and herbs add a fresh, clean feel to today’s trendy restaurants, and work to bring the outside in, melding well both indoor and outdoor dining areas.

An experienced professional contractor like those at Perillo Construction can help you incorporate the latest remodeling trends into your commercial space, promising the function and aesthetics you need to attract tenants, customers, or clients.