The Importance Of A General Contractor For Interior Building Projects

Businessman meeting Asian engineer at the construction site

A general contractor is a beneficial asset to any interior build out as they are in charge of managing every last detail, from hiring the right subcontractors to maintaining the budget. Personally taking on the role of general contractor is not a good idea unless you are experienced in every area of a project, including large equipment operation, concrete formulation, electricity, plumbing, flooring, and so forth. An experienced project contractor is knowledgeable in all of these areas.

Since there are so many different aspects involved in a building project a variety of subcontractors are needed to get the job done. Someone needs to be there every step of the way to bring all of these different facets together and create one seamless result. That ‘someone’ is your general contractor.

Contractor Vs. Subcontractor

Many assume that they don’t need a contractor since the subcontractors do all of the physical work, like pouring concrete or installing bathrooms. The thing is, a contractor truly understands the job of each subcontractor and therefore knows what’s a good deal, what’s a not-so-good deal, as well as how one subcontractor’s work is going to impact another subcontractor’s work. 

If you’re having troubles wrapping your head around it think of it in terms of a wedding planner. You hire a wedding planner so that all facets of the main event come together flawlessly while staying within your set budget. You don’t expect the planner to bake the cake or play bartender. Instead, you expect them to know the best subcontractors in the industry to get all of the different jobs done right for a fair price. 

This is very similar to the role of a construction contractor. An experienced contractor hooks you up with a team of successful subcontractors they have worked with in the past and trust to get work done professionally and on time. They are also there every step of the way, going over budgets and timelines to ensure a project remains in line with original estimates. 

Your general contractor can see the big picture with extreme clarity, even when faced with a blank slab of dusty concrete. They understand how a project should be conducted for the greatest success, which is why you work with them from the original formation of ideas till the very end.

5 Big Benefits Of A General Contractor

There are countless benefits to hiring a general contractor; here are 5 of them.

Keep Your Project On Budget And On Time

A general contractor keeps detailed daily tabs on work progress, cost of materials, and all other aspects of a project. As a result, they know day-to-day if your project is in line with original estimates. If something starts to get out of line they are able to immediately identify the issue and find appropriate solutions. An experienced contractor has a variety of tools they use to collect and analyze work progress and other important data. A general contractor will also oversee regular meetings with team members so that everyone remains on the same page throughout the entire project. This level of project oversight is incredibly valuable.   

Find The Best Subcontractors For The Job Without Any Extra Effort Of Your Part

Finding an experienced subcontractor for every element of your project is a time consuming endeavor, and it might not even end successfully. Unless you personally know every go-to subcontractor in the industry there will be a lot of interviewing, price comparing and other research involved, as well as a measure of risk. A general contractor already knows the best team for each unique aspect of a job, completely removing this responsibility from your plate.

Design Ideas That Work

You work with your general contractor during the original planning process. This is hugely beneficial, as a contractor already knows what works and what doesn’t. Working with multiple subcontractors on one job can easily result in the concrete supplier saying ‘yes’ to something that the electrician will later need removed and redone. A general contractor doesn’t let these common costly issues occur, they already know how to best coordinate all aspects of the job regarding all subcontractors. Like we mentioned earlier, they see and understand the big picture.

Adhere To Local Regulations

Every city has unique zoning and construction regulations that must be adhered to get the green light throughout your project. General contractors are fluent in local regulations, meaning they know how to get your project approved every step of the way. 

Save Money

Contractors work with subcontractors on a regular basis, buying mass quantities of materials and labor. As a result, they are able to get deals and discounts others are not able to score. These savings are passed directly to you.

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