The Best Features To Include In Your Home Office

The Best Features To Include In Your Home Office

With telecommuting on the rise and interest rates at historical lows, many homeowners are refinancing their mortgages with remodeling in mind. Of particular interest is the potential to add a home office where none existed before. Some homeowners are adding on – with a custom designed home office while others are simply annexing a spare bedroom and remodeling it to meet their needs. Whatever your dream home office looks like, the team at Perillo Construction can help you plan and execute your addition or renovation. Here are some tips from the experts at Perillo on what features to consider when planning your home office as a comfortable, welcoming, and productive area in which you can do your best work.


The first step is deciding where your home office will be located in your home. For some people, the ideal location is just off the main living spaces, for others the perfect spot is away from all the distractions in your home. Location could also mean a room addition or a plan to renovate an existing space, like a spare bedroom or a seldom used living room. When considering the location of your new home office, you will want to consider natural light as well as the view. It is always best to choose an office location which features natural lighting and allows you to position your desk facing the windows, thus reducing glare on your computer screen. Once you have found your ideal location, you can always add translucent shades to reduce glare, and paint your walls a welcoming light color to enhance the natural light. If view isn’t really an option, you can always face your desk toward the door or an inspiration piece of art, allowing you quiet moments to focus on something other than your work. You can always improve lighting with full spectrum bulbs in an overhead light paired with task lighting.

Space and Function

As you create your home office plan, ensure you will have ample space to work and function productively. You should not only be able to move about easily, keeping in mind the average workstation is 60” wide x 84” deep. You will also need room for shelving and storage to keep productivity at a maximum. Your routine workflow can help you decide how much space you need for shelving, filing cabinets, or other storage.  It is also important for space and function to consider if you will be meeting with clients or customers in your home office. If so, you will want to include a small meeting area, which includes comfortable seating to accommodate your guests.

The Floor Plan

You have now considered the essentials, which means it is time to start on the floor plan. The team at Perillo Construction can help you with your floor plan from location to room design to the successful completion of your home office including furniture layouts and more. Furniture choices often factor into design and planning phases of any construction project and your home office is no exception. Shelves, storage, desks, and seating should serve your needs in your home office which means finding furnishing to fit your floor plan which are functional as well as attractive. Your home office should complement your home whether your style is traditional, contemporary, eclectic, or timeless.

Call on the Experienced Professionals at Perillo Construction

When you are ready to begin your home office construction or remodel, call on the experienced professionals at Perillo Construction. They will work alongside you to complete your addition or renovation to meet your needs with high quality workmanship and materials while staying on time and on budget.