Survival Tips for a Successful Office Remodel

Survival Tips for a Successful Office Remodel

Before you begin any office remodel, you must clearly identify your goals for the renovation. Whether you are the landlord prepping the property for new tenant, the new tenant moving into a new build-out, or a property owner looking to renovate your office space, changes are coming, and questions will have to be answered. For example, will you be in the space long term? Discussing your goals and your needs with those involved and coming to an agreement on the plan is the first step toward success. Writing down the goals for the office renovation and reviewing them comes next, because you don’t want to begin the project until you are completely comfortable with the plan. 

Consider the Reasons for Your Remodel or Renovation

When planning, it is important to identify the main driver in the renovation. Depending on your property, your renovation might be related to technology updates, facility remodels, cosmetic rejuvenation, or functional modifications. The driving force behind your renovation is important in calculating the costs and ensuring the primary goals are accomplished and stay within your budget. Other factors to consider include the level of finish upgrades (i.e. will you be utilizing standard finishes or premium ones) and will the infrastructure of the property be included in any of the renovations.

As you formulate the plan, and important point to contemplate is whether or not your work will continue throughout the renovation or if your business and others involved will need to relocate until the project’s completion. And while you cannot anticipate every issue that could affect your renovation timeline, before the project begins is the time to think about those issues which could arise and alter your timeline. Knowing potential issues and expectations regarding the results can help you as you move forward with your planning and your budget.

A Full Service Contracting Firm Can Help

Making decisions alone is challenging often leaving out important details. Having a full-service contracting firm who specializes in a variety of services can ensure your project’s success. From layout to finishes, a professional team like the one at Perillo Construction, can help you achieve an exceptional end result. A professional team offers the promise of a wealth of knowledge along with consultation services to answer your questions regarding your project, your timeline, and your budget.

Identifying Needs versus Wants

From your renovation goals, you will need to clearly establish what parts of your project constitute wants and which constitute actual needs. Doing so will ensure your renovation has positive long term success versus a short term fix. In your space, whether aesthetics or function or technology are your goals, understanding wants versus needs will help you see your goals achieved in your finished project.

The Importance of Budgeting for Your Project

As you plan, you must always anticipate issues which can arise and alter your timeline and your budget. During budget development, create a contingency plan that estimates 10 percent of your budget for unexpected expenses. In many cases, you’ll be financing your renovation project, making a contingency plan even more important.

Getting the Guidance Needed to Achieve Success

When the time comes to begin your office remodel, call on the experts at Perillo Construction, Inc. to deliver the needed guidance to help you achieve your goals. As a full service interior-contracting firm, Perillo Construction promises consulting and construction services, architectural support, and even tenant project management to ensure your project is completed successfully, without issue, always on time and in budget.