Renovating Retail Successfully

Renovating Retail Successfully

With considering a retail renovation, the ultimate goal is to attract more customers and clients. With that goal comes new design elements developed to welcome customers and invite them into a comfortable, eye-catching, and appealing environment. Reinventing your retail space successfully can be challenging, but it is a necessary expense which can contribute to the overall success of your company. Because of the amount of direct customer interaction of your retail business, you’ll want to make an excellent first impression with every potential customer. From the customer who just happened to venture into your store to those who are your loyal customers, the aesthetics of your retail space should be warm and friendly. Also, you’ll want to develop your retail renovation to showcase your products or services with well-designed displays and a purposeful floor plan. A professional commercial contractor, like those at Perillo Construction, can help you accomplish your retail renovation plan, delivering the style and look you want. Here, the team at Perillo offers some tips to get your retail renovation completed successfully.

Your Remodeling Focus

For retail businesses, the first impression your business makes is key to attracting and keeping customers. Knowing that, your initial focus should be on the entrance to your store, shop, or boutique. As a retail business owner, you’ve likely heard the term decompression zone which refers to the threshold of your store – the first few feet of space your customers encounter when they walk into your retail space and where they form their first opinion of your store. Your entrance should help shoppers turn their focus to the shopping experience they are about to have. First impressions are made based on the customers’ judgment of your store’s lighting, colors, fixtures, scent, music, and more, so you’ll want to draw them to a focal point like an eye-catching display. 

As your customers enter, research shows most customers look to their right. With this in mind, the wall to the right should feature an attention-getting display of your store’s offerings. You might choose to highlight the latest items, seasonal offerings, or popular products, or decide it’s a great place to showcase your brands community involvement or philanthropic efforts. Either way, the wall to the right of your entrance should draw customers further into your store. 

Traffic flow is next, so your renovation design should create a layout that is easy for shopper to follow, focal area to focal area, guiding them effortlessly through your store. Ensuring easy to navigate aisles allow customers to easily find the products they are seeking but also encourages them to shop for unplanned, impulse purchases.  Keeping aisles free from clutter and well organized also emboldens shoppers to shop without being aggravated or overwhelmed. During your renovation, you’ll want to develop a cohesive design where your merchandise can be organized and showcased. Too much clutter, signage, or even product, can discourage customers from shopping during their visit and dissuade them from returning.

Getting Down to the Details

Obviously, your renovation’s overall layout is crucial, but so are the details you include. Freshening up your walls can make a big impact, especially as the backdrop which showcases your products. Whether you choose a neutral tone or a bold accent color, you should always work toward a custom look which welcomes customers and makes displays your products effectively.

Like wall color, lighting is critical in setting the mood and ensuring your products are displayed in the best light. Keep in mind that LED lighting is energy efficient and last longer than traditional lighting choices like fluorescents and incandescents. Plus, fluorescents tend to be harsh, while incandescents increase heat in your space. LEDs deliver brighter, increased lumens which can make quiet a difference in ambiance as well as highlighting your products.

Finally, an important detail in the layout and flow of your store is your floor covering, and your renovation is the perfect time to make the changes. You’ll want to choose flooring which not only fits with your brand and design, but one that can handle the high traffic your newly renovated retail space will welcome.