Remodeling Your Home with an Open Floor Plan

Remodeling Your Home with an Open Floor Plan

For nearly three decades, open floor plans have dominated home design in both new construction and remodels, and the trend shows no signs of slowing. If you have an older home, you may be among those considering a remodel which features an open floor plan. Maybe you want to create a space which joins the kitchen and family room, or kitchen, family room, and dining area into an open space the entire family can enjoy. Whatever your home’s open floor plan remodeling dream encompasses the experts at Perillo Construction are prepared to make it come true!

The Open Floor Plan

An open floor plans is simply that – making a larger space where smaller spaces previously existed. From a construction standpoint, partition walls need to be removed and in the case of interior load-bearing walls, steel or laminate beams are added to support the weight above. Once the project is complete, you gain openness with an improved flow where you family and friends can all gather comfortable together.

Open floor plans apply to common spaces, while private areas – bedrooms, bathrooms, and home offices – keep their walls and maintain privacy. An open floor plan remodel may feature opening the kitchen and dining space, the dining room and living space, or all three, the kitchen, dining room, and great room.

The Advent of the Open Floor Plan

If you have an older home, you can attest to the fact that the concept of an open floor plan is a relatively new one. Homes built prior to WWII were often crafted with rooms branching off a center hallway. These rooms had a unique purpose, especially the kitchen, which was never designed as a place to socialize, but rather for meal preparation and service. After the war, changes to home design began to open spaces, but the kitchen remained separate. Even so, times were changing as growing families with little ones adopted a more casual lifestyle, demanding flexibility – such as the ability to keep an eye on the kids while dinner was prepared.

Construction innovations, including steel structural beams, drywall, central heating, and the like, made larger, open floor plans easier to design. An early iteration was in what is today known as mid-century modern design, which boasted an open fireplace in the center of the space. As the trend continued, open floor plans (also known as great rooms or open concept homes) became the norm just before the turn of the century adding value while offering flexibility and comfort. Today, homes with open floor plans provide togetherness and community among family members even when everyone is doing their own activity and deliver much needed entertaining space where friends and family can gather.

The Pros and Cons of Open Floor Plans

As you consider an open floor plan remodel, it is important to consider the disadvantages as well as the benefits. Open concept spaces can be more costly to heat and cool than smaller separate rooms. Support beams may be needed when walls are removed which can mean increased costs for your remodel. For some, open floor plans seem cluttered and make finding a quiet, private space more challenging.

Remodeling with an open floor plan offers a number of benefits including enhanced communication and better traffic flow. It makes sense, without walls and doors, it is easier to move around the space, communicate from room to room, and supervise children from another room. The open floor plan offers flexibility, making it simple to change rooms and accessories to suit the family’s needs. Plus, an open concept means increased functionality, allowing the space to serve a family room, homework room or office space, or entertaining space. Open floor plans also mean formerly windowless rooms may now be opened to natural light. Of course, if all that weren’t enough, open floor plans add value when it comes time to sell!

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