Pros & Cons To Custom Office Furniture For Interior Office Build Outs

Pros & Cons To Custom Office Furniture For Interior Office Build Outs

If you are debating installing custom office furniture to your interior office build out, here are some pros and cons worth considering. There are a number of benefits and drawbacks to standard furniture as well as  custom furniture, the right option for you depends on your budget, the timeframe on your lease, and a number of other factors.

Pros To Custom Office Furniture

Specific design and dimension requirements are all on you; pick any color, shape, style and it’s yours! Here are some more pros to splurging on custom office furniture.

#1. Custom Furniture Can Make Any Space More Functional 

Custom office furniture is made to fit your exact space, and as a result it provides the most functional approach to outfitting an office.  No space has to go to waste because furniture orders can be detailed down to the last centimeter.

#2. Custom Office Furniture Offers A Luxurious Look

Custom office furniture is made piece-by-piece with careful attention to detail and high quality materials. The end result is luxurious looking furniture that gives your space a truly personalized touch.

#3. Custom Furniture Offers Long Term Value (as long as you don’t plan to move any time soon)

Custom office furniture costs more than stock furniture made in bulk, but these extra costs are met with higher quality and longer lasting furniture. As long as you plan to stay in the same location for many years to come, custom furniture can offer long-term value in that it can outlast stock furniture by decades.

#4. Sometimes You Can Save Money By Ordering Custom Furniture

If you’re eyeing a really pricey piece of designer furniture, there’s a chance you could hire someone to duplicate the piece for a fraction of the cost simply because it lacks the designer label. As another way to save money, you could also have the same piece manufactured in different materials.

Drawbacks To Custom Office Furniture

#1. How Much Does Custom Office Furniture Cost? It’s Expensive.

It’ll cost more money to order custom furniture as opposed to heading to Costco and buying office desks in bulk. Costs for custom furniture can go up more than expected if someone isn’t carefully monitoring the production process, or if you do not receive a flat rate quote from the get-go.

#2. You Can’t Change Your Mind 2-Years From Now

Once you invest all of this money into custom furniture, chances are you won’t be changing it anytime soon. If you tend to change your mind a lot or you do not plan to stay at the same location for more than a couple of years, it’s probably not worth the extra costs. On the other hand, if you plan to keep the furniture for many years to come it may be worth it to make the investment in furniture that’ll truly last.

#3. It Takes Longer To Order & Produce Custom Office Furniture 

Stock furniture is stored in a warehouse ready to go, but custom furniture is made to order and can take a considerable amount of time to design and create. If you plan to add custom office furniture we recommend starting the design and ordering process as early as possible. If your project is on a tight time crunch you might want to consider stock office furniture instead.

#3. What If You Don’t Like Your Custom Furniture After It Arrives? 

If your custom furniture turns out to be less than ideal for your space, you’re more than likely stuck with it.

Is Custom Made Office Furniture The Right Choice For Your Office Interior Build Out?  

Ask yourself the following questions in order to help determine if custom made office furniture is right for you.

-Do you have room in your budget for it? Can you afford custom made furniture without eliminating other important elements of your budget?

-Do you plan to stay at your current location for a long time? Custom made furniture is made to fit a particular space and it’s never going to fit as well anywhere else. You can somewhat avoid this issue by focusing on creating custom pieces that cater to the needs of your business as opposed to the exact dimensions of your office space.

-Does custom made furniture offer enough benefits to offset additional costs?
What sorts of benefits can custom made furniture offer your project that traditional bulk-made furniture cannot?