Points to Ponder During Office Renovations

Points to Ponder During Office Renovations

Office renovation models are in a state of debate. Is the open-plan office the way of the future or does the more traditional mixed plan with offices and a few open spaces still have a place in today’s workplace? As you make a decision for your space and move forward with your office remodel, here are some points to ponder in the process.

Open Floor Plan versus Private Offices

The first decision to be made must be whether your office renovation will be a completely open floor plan, or will it feature a mix of private offices with open collaboration spaces. Studies have shown the combination of private offices and open spaces increase productivity. Employees need both – spaces to collaborate as a team and private offices for conferences or confidential meetings. Another positive for mixed plan spaces is it meets employee needs. Some of your team members thrive in quiet, private spaces while others work more productively in the busy bustle of an open environment. Having a mix means everyone can be productive.

Designing to Benefit Those Who Work in the Space

As you develop your office renovation design, it is important to design to benefit those who will be utilizing the space. For example, if your business hosts a number of daily meeting with clients and potential clients, you’ll want to have upgrades that accommodate these meetings, speak well of you to your client, and represent your brand. 

On the other hand, if only your staff will be using the space, consider the generations represented by your team members and make an effort to make everyone from millennials to boomers feel comfortable. Regardless of the generations, spaces utilized by staff should be welcoming, collaborative, and productive to invite everyone to bring their best to work each day.

Amenities Galore

Today’s employees want amenities in their work environment. In that regard, you have a myriad of options available from which to choose. Does your space need upgraded finishes, a traditional conference room, a kitchen which acts as a gathering area, a fitness center, or a game room? Should your renovation add a café or a coffee lounge, a yoga room or nap spaces? Consider your team members and plan accordingly, choosing the amenities which will have the greatest appeal, not only to retain your present employees but attract new employees as well.

Exceptional Lighting is a Must Have

Research studies have confirmed natural lighting promotes productivity in the work place making great lighting a must have in your office renovation. Adding windows can help increase natural light, but an expert designer can help you add elements to use the current natural lighting available to your advantage – including the use of glass walls and ambient lighting with unique fixtures – which help enhance creativity and lessen eye strain.   

Sound Matters

Often overlooked, acoustics are important in both open space floor plans and mixed floor plans. There should be noise in office spaces as silence often creates discomfort among workers. The key is to plan effectively adjusting noise levels to an ideal point, so employees are comfortable but not continually distracted.

Incorporate Flexibility in Your Renovation

Obviously good design includes employee light and temperature control but designing well means your team members have flexibility in the spaces available to them as well as options allowing for some environmental control. Flexibility in design also gives you greater options in the space as your company grows.

These unique points to ponder should help you as you plan and prepare for your office renovation. Once you’ve got your design ideas ready, the Perillo Construction team is ready to help you meet your office renovation goals.