Planning a Retail Build Out

Planning a Retail Build Out

There is more to planning a retail build out to consider than just anticipating the end product. Choosing a construction company to work with is an imperative decision that can cause an abundance of anxiousness. When planning a build out, as a retail owner, you must consider the budget, time frame, and hiring of a reliable construction company to assist in fulfilling your plan. When planning a retail build out, here are a few tips to keep in mind while choosing a company to work with.


When searching for a construction company to work with, you want to ensure each company on your list is backed by experience. While all construction companies need to start somewhere, it is okay to not choose to work with a company with only a few years of experience. A retail build out takes planning and proficiency on the part of construction workers. If a company is newer, it may lack both of these aspects. Dig deep into the companies you are considering. Double-check their portfolio and get an idea of jobs they have recently worked on. If they have references or reviews, it is a good idea to take a peek and see what others have to say. It is imperative to feel comfortable with the company you decide to work with.


As a retail owner, when you are planning your build out, you want to ensure a construction company takes your ideas and thoughts into consideration. If you have any creative ideas you want them to follow, they should take all of your ideas and attempt to make them come to fruition. While some construction companies can lack creativity, they can attempt to respect your ideas for your retail space.

Listening Skills

Everyone wants to be heard, especially when paying thousands on a renovation job. Retail owners have a say in how their stores should look. A construction company should communicate well and work closely with you while fulfilling the project requirements. Generally, you will receive an idea about how a company communicates after the first initial call you have with them. Calling companies to hear more about the services they offer can give you an idea of the way they operate. A mere phone call can determine if a company is a good fit or not. If a company is not attentive and does not listen to you, they should automatically be taken off your list.


Planning a build out takes up a lot of time as it is, and the last thing you want is for the project to go beyond a set deadline. Find a construction company with proficient organization skills. Organized companies are more likel to styick to a set schedule. A reliable company will analyze the project thoroughly before telling you a set deadline. If you ask for a deadline that is not obtainable, they will also be honest with you. While issues arise during construction projects, companies with good time management skills will know how to keep the build out on track for the deadline.


Similar to listening skills, a construction company needs to have sufficient communication skills. Retail owners should be able to communicate with a construction company daily about their projects and receive constant feedback. A build out runs smoother when there is good communication. There should not be any unknown setbacks or surprises during the renovation process. Construction companies should keep their clients informed about issues as they arise.

Perillo Construction

Planning and completing a retail build out takes an immense amount of time. Hiring a proficient construction company, such as Perillo Construction, can allow for your retail build out to run smoothly from start to finish. For more information, contact Perillo Construction today.