Is Office Renovation on a Budget Possible?

Is Office Renovation on a Budget Possible?

When you first moved into your office, everything was new, and you felt a great sense of pride at the way the space represented you and your business. Now, your business has grown and evolved, and your original office environment may not represent your brand as well or it may simply need a facelift to continue to showcase you and your business. If this is you, it may the time to take a good look at your office space and consider a renovation not only to improve the aesthetics, but also to make the space more functional, efficient, productive. The question is can you renovate your office and make the changes needed on a budget. The answer is a resounding yes! Here’s how.

Office Renovation on a Budget

The first step toward successful office renovation is sound planning which includes a practical timeline and a realistic budget. As you gather your ideas and begin your research into the latest tips and trends, keep in mind that your office represents you to your clients as well as your employees, and so you must plan a well-thought office environment that is welcoming, pleasant, and productive. An expert renovation team, like the professional team at Perillo Construction, can help you develop your plan effectively and manage your project from design to completion with efficient cost estimating and more. An experience renovation team can get the construction done, including needed mechanical, electrical, plumbing, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning), IT and telephony upgrades, as well as help with efficient and productive interior design. With the help of a well-versed professional team, you can stay on budget and on time.

The Plan

In the plan, you’ll need to determine what is best for your business, both aesthetically and functionally. You’ll also want to decide on your design style and whether you want the latest open space design or the classic mixed style with offices and open spaces. As you plan, consider your budget and the areas where you’ll need to spend more as well as those where you can save money. A sound plan will help you discover the best options while you set needed limits.

Find Deals

There are plenty of ways to find good deals to help you stay on budget. Search the internet to find your favorite styles from fixtures to furniture to lighting and when you’ve found what you like, focus on finding the best prices possible. While the internet can offer great deals, don’t discount the local businesses who offer not only a chance to see, but also to touch and try your choices while delivering great prices too. Keep in mind that local suppliers may offer additional discounts based on how much you are purchasing – large quantities (aka bulk buying) can mean volume discounts for your renovation. In addition, with local suppliers you save on shipping and related charges and gain the ease of resolving problems should they arise.


As you empty your office contents prior to the renovation, make sure you take a close look at the items before tossing them. Often there are items – tables, chairs, shelving, drawers, etc. – which can be repurposed to help you stay on budget and complete your renovation.

Modern Minimal

Keep in mind as you get to the interior design stage, modern minimalism is a great way to give your space a fresh, functional, and professional look without going over budget. Minimalism can deliver clean lines with sophistication and performance in your new space.

An office renovation on a budget is possible and it doesn’t mean your end result will be “less than.” With the right professional renovation team, like the one at Perillo Construction, your renovation will be done with quality, aesthetics, and productivity at the forefront.