Office Design Trends 2021

Office Design Trends 2021

Corporate workspace has drastically changed in 2020 and 2021 as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Employees shifted from working in office buildings to working in the comfort of their own homes. As employers and employees begin to slowly make their way back into the office environment, things might look different than they were before the pandemic. With the return of office spaces, it is important to acknowledge many things are not the same as they used to be. Making your office space feel safe and comfortable is more important than ever. Here the experts at Perillo Construction share some 2021 office trends to consider.[LC1]

Resimercial Design

After over a year of working from home, coming back into the workplace might feel confining to most employees. Considering a resimercial design can make employees feel like they are at home. This can be tricky to balance comfort and structure, but if well done can achieve comfort and success. Creating a home-like feeling in the workplace can allow employees to be more comfortable while also contributing to more efficient work. Features to consider in your office include comfortable seating, ambient lighting, house plants, and rugs.

Flexible Layouts

Being tied to an office chair for eight hours a day can be daunting. Offering flexibility within the office layout can be beneficial for the productivity of employees. Offering private areas or additional workspace tables and seating can be accommodating to all employees. Employees can use these spaces to make business calls, participate in virtual meetings, or perform general workload duties.

Safe Workspace

With people slowly starting to make their way into the office, it is important to follow current CDC guidelines. Before your employees return, rethink the layout. Is there enough space for physical distancing? Is the office space one in which employees can feel safe? Rethinking your design might consist of moving around a few desks and workspaces, adding sanitation areas, putting up plexiglass around desks, and more. When it comes to making your office COVID-19 safe, there are plenty of solutions to consider.

Vibrant Colors

Nothing lights up a room better than bright colors. More often than not, offices are bland in color, making the environment tedious for employees. Incorporating a pop of color in chairs, tables, or vases can add to the overall appeal of the office environment. A bit of color also allows for a more uplifting and energetic space.

Hybrid Workplaces

Returning to work after over a year can be a difficult adjustment. Working from home allowed for more flexibility for employees to spend less time commuting, and more time completing additional tasks, such as attending appointments. Although nothing can beat working as a team in an office space, consider if it is necessary to be in person five days a week. A hybrid work environment can especially be beneficial to those whose jobs do not require them to be in-person to get their job done. Providing the option of a hybrid schedule for employees can also be beneficial for a healthy work environment. Whether you choose to allow your employees to work remotely or out of the office two days a week, consider your options.

Moveable Furniture

If you have a smaller office, then your space can benefit from moveable furniture. These pieces can be tables, chairs, and desks. The flexibility of these furniture pieces allows for employees to gather anywhere for collaboration while also creating an adjustable workspace. Moveable furniture also makes it easier for when you have to move around or redecorate the office. If you need to make more space in your office for holiday parties or events, moveable furniture makes the process easier.