Office Design Trends 2020

Office Design Trends 2020

Office design evolves continually, and the latest trends are aimed at inspiring creativity and sustaining employee comfort. Today’s full-time employees spend eight hours or more at work, and office design trends embrace the new norm by providing an amiable and encouraging workspace. The goal by employers is, of course, to avoid employee burnout while keeping employees motivated, productive, and happy in their jobs. The professionals at Perillo Construction understand the importance of modern contemporary office design trends and have compiled the latest contemporary office trends for you to consider in your upcoming office build out or remodel.

Flexibility is Imperative

Unlike office spaces of old which confined and isolated employees, today’s modern office design understands the significance of flexible, non-restrictive, collaborative spaces as a way to encourage greater creativity and production. In flexible office design, furniture can be moved, desks can be adjustable (in height, location, and style), and meeting spaces are readily available for team collaboration. These spaces are adaptable and accommodating, allowing team members to work in different areas of the office during the day, and never be restricted to cubicles or desks or cramped offices. When privacy or quiet concentration is needed, employees can head to a remote area or a small soundproofed meeting room to get the job done. Providing your team with the flexibility and freedom to move and work freely n the office is a proven motivator for productivity, as well as a stimulus for both health and efficiency. 

Comfort is Essential

With the natural ease of flexible workspace, comfortable furnishings are the perfect complement. Employees don’t want to sit in an uncomfortable chair at a desk in cramped workspace for eight hours or more per day. Instead, to achieve both success, creativity, and productivity, your team needs comfortable furnishings as well as areas that make your space seem more like home. Incorporating comfortable collaborative seating areas for work, and recreational/lounge spaces for a break or power nap will encourage your employees to work smarter and deliver greater job satisfaction.

Collaborative Furniture is Fundamental

Collaborative furniture, that is furniture designed to encourage collaboration and creativity is a modern office trend that shows no signs of going away. Furnishings can invite and facilitate collaboration or impede and squelch it, so choosing collaborative furniture is fundamental to your contemporary office design. Freestanding media units allow team member to share their work quickly and effectively, while acoustic pods allow for uninterrupted meeting spaces. Consider incorporating large meeting desks with data and power outlets, height adjustment options, and task lighting, in your design

Technology Integration is Central

You already know this one – as this trend has been in place for some time and only grows more important as the years pass. Nearly every office task today has at least one technology component – electronic, digital, interactive, and so on – which means your modern office design must include the crucial components so your employees can work faster and smarter, more efficiently and productively. Laptops are the norm today, allowing employees to work anywhere at any time. You should have easily accessible power outlets, data ports, and wireless charging stations as well as presentation screens, video conferencing capabilities, smart boards, and all the equipment necessary for your team to be their most productive.

Biophilic Design is Natural

You may or may not have heard of biophilic design which is a design trend in which nature and the environment are the focus. It brings the outside in, integrating natural elements in office design, connecting people and nature in a way that promises a calm, stress free work environment. Biophilic design incorporates large windows for an abundance of natural light, organic color schemes, natural materials, and plants for natural air purification. These natural elements provide a relaxed atmosphere which brings energy and inspires focus.

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