When do you Need Architectural Support?

When do you Need Architectural Support?

To begin, let’s define the term architect. It is a legal term which can be used only by a registered, licensed architect. In addition, it describes an individual who is an expert in building design and construction, and qualified to perform a wide array of architectural services. With this knowledge in mind, whether you are constructing a new build or doing a build-out to enhance an existing property, the services of an architect are nearly always warranted. Now, the question of architectural support, having been answered with a resounding “yes” needs to be explained in order to qualify the answer.

The Exception – Cosmetic Changes

The one exception to the “yes” response is the fact that you probably do not need architectural support in the instance of simple cosmetic changes to a property. Should you decide only to enhance the existing property with cosmetic changes, in all likelihood you do not need architectural support. If, on examination of the property, you find your need for change to be greater than originally anticipated, you would be wise to call on the services of a professional architect who can spend a few hours with you at the property and identify important aspects of the changes needed – things like code violations.

Architectural Support is Crucial to Your Project

Architectural Support is crucial to your project for a number of reasons. The first being, in most states, the design of commercial buildings requires an architect. Architects deliver a number of services including the addition of good, quality design and value to your project. Architects also provide pre-design elements like site analysis and space planning, design development, and may even provide construction administration.

Specifically speaking, if you are considering two or more potential properties for a build-out, an architect can help you determine the positives and negatives of each space. In addition, a professional architect is familiar with building code in different areas of the city and will be able to estimate various build-out needs and costs to help you make your decision.

In addition to building codes in your area, an experienced architect will know health department regulations (in the case of restaurants, etc.), as well as other city or county regulations you may need to meet during the process of your build-out. An experienced professional architect will not only have relationship with building code inspectors, health department officials and regulatory agencies, he or she will also have relationships with trusted vendors, equipment and furniture suppliers, and professional contractors like those at Perillo Construction, Inc.

Architectural Support Advantages

  • Architects problem solve during the design phase, making apparent limitations into design goals.
  • Architects are professionals – educated, trained, and licensed experts – who see solutions and understand the ramifications of design changes.
  • Architects use their knowledge of design, building, materials, environment in the overall build-out design so that all components work harmoniously.
  • Architects help clients in achieving both wants and needs.
  • Architects coordinate with contractors to achieve the desired end result of your build-out.

Architectural Support and Contractors

Architects and contractors work together to ensure your build-out project is completed according to your budget, timeline, and expected end result, ensuring that all your requirements are met. Contractors work with your architect before construction begins to make the changes needed to stay within your budget. Cost-effective materials, functionality, quality, and value are key to meeting your project’s specifications.

At Perillo Construction, Inc. our goal is to work with you and your architect, giving attention to detail, providing quality materials, exceptional craftsmanship, and delivering exceptional results for your build-out project.