Medical Office Build Outs – What You Need to Know

Medical Office Build Outs – What You Need to Know

When designing and completing a medical office build out, there are a number of factors which influence the cost, design, and functionality of your space. Medical office build outs can be costly endeavors, particularly in metropolitan areas. As construction and renovation costs rise, a knowledgeable team of experts, like those at Perillo Construction, can keep your medical office build out project on time and in budget, while delivering the highest quality in materials and workmanship. The Perillo team shares what you need to know about your medical office build out and some ways you can keep costs down.

Consider the Space

Underestimating cost is common for businesses of all kinds, but especially when counting the costs of tenant improvements in a medical office. As you consider what the space has to offer, you will also want to think about the critical needs of your practice. Is the space you are leasing a shell or does it already have usable spaces? Will you need to add plumbing, specialized electrical for x-ray units, create exam rooms? Planning your space in advance will help you in cost estimation as you prepare for your medical office build out.

Say No to the Landlord’s Request for A Personal Guarantee

Medical office build outs can be more costly than other build outs, prompting landlords to request a personal guarantee. What is it? The personal guarantee puts your personal resources at risk should you default on your lease, making it great for the landlord but not for you. If your landlord requires a personal guarantee, you should seek to negotiate other terms in your lease to benefit you and your practice, such as lower rent or a sliding scale structure.

Planning is Key

The first step of the build out process is planning. You will want to have a solid plan in place before the walls start going up, equipment purchases, or color selection. A well-thought-out plan should include detailed pricing, specific timelines, and more. Why? You want to make sure every space – from exam rooms to conference rooms, waiting rooms to labs, administrative offices to restrooms – is fully functional to encourage proper care and productivity from your staff.

Understanding Costs

Understanding actual costs can be a difficult task, which is where your general contractor comes in to guide you. Your general contractor, along with your architect or design team, can help you keep costs under control, suggesting high quality alternatives as needed to keep your project on budget. Do you truly need the most expensive premium materials like marble flooring and granite countertops or will an alternative, more affordable option, deliver the same quality of care and patient experience? Ultimately, your patients are looking to your for the highest quality care which you can still provide when you select quality, cost effective alternatives for your medical office build out. Costs can also spiral out of control should you decide you need innovative prototypes rather than standardized medical practice design – stay focused on practical, effective prototypes and standard features to keep the level of care high and save money on your build out.

Don’t Go Solo

While it may seem that completing your medical office build out on your own can save you money, often the reverse is true. A well-qualified general contractor will save you money, avoiding costly trial and error mistakes you might make while trying to oversee materials acquisition, sub-contractors, and vendors. Working with a general contractor means issues are identified and solved when they arise, saving you time and money, while your medical office build out is successful completed.

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