Making Your Medical Practice Renovation a Success

Making Your Medical Practice Renovation a Success

When renovating or building out a medical practice, it is important that your new space not only provides a welcoming, safe space for your patients but also a fully functional and efficient workspace for your employees – from doctors to nurses to administrative personnel. Everyone who enters should find a stress-free, relaxing environment. For the physicians and employees of the practice, an optimal working environment means properly designed spaces with efficient placement of equipment while patients need a comfortable waiting area, as well as privacy, safety, and comfort during their examination.

Are You Ready for a Renovation?

Each of these concerns must be addressed when developing your medical practice renovation plan. How do you know when your medical offices need renovation or improvement? There are a number of reasons, but number one is space. For example, have you increased the number of employees or do you plan to in the near future? Do you have more patients than your office can service effectively? Do you want to offer more services, but don’t have the needed space? Does your office space and your equipment look and feel old, tired, or outdated? Are you having electrical, plumbing, or HVAC issues? An answer of yes to any of these, could mean its time for a renovation or maybe even a move and buildout.

Of course, you may just want to improve your facility, with a more effective flow, an improved design, or the ability to serve your patients better. Your reasons could be increasing the number of patients you serve; hiring new doctors; enhancing your ability to serve your patients better including their overall experience, privacy, and comfort; or create an environment which reflects the high level of care you provide.

Considerations for Making Your Medical Practice Renovation a Success

Your Waiting Room is the first glimpse you give your patients of what your practice and care is like, meaning it is important to make a positive first impression! And though you may hope that your wait times are so short, it doesn’t matter, the fact is there are always exceptions in which patients, families, and caregivers have to wait there. That said, you’ll want to make sure your waiting area is clean and comfortable, with cozy chairs, fresh colors on the wall, quality flooring, and soothing décor.
In the bathrooms, both the one for your patients and the one for your employees, you’ll want to ensure they are up to the latest safety standards, properly functioning, with handicap access and baby changing facilities. There should be appropriate flooring, privacy considerations, and antibacterial soap dispensers, to ensure the safety of all who use the facilities. When flushing, washing, and disinfecting mechanisms aren’t functioning optimally, patients and staff are put a risk.

Examination Rooms

Exam rooms should be welcoming, with attractive flooring designed to withstand heavy traffic and lots of cleaning. In addition, examination rooms should be equipped not only with the latest medical equipment but also with comfortable chairs for patients and family members or caregivers. Spaces should be private and feature soothing wall colors which continue from the waiting room into the examination areas to help calm patients and avoid unnecessary stress.

Streamlined Check-in and Check-out

Your office space should feature adequate space for support staff (receptionists, secretaries, scribes, insurance personnel) to do their job well. Adequate space, the latest technology, and comfortable seating for support staff can go a long way in enhancing employee productivity and engagement. All services provided must have a focus on patient and staff safety and privacy.

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