Knowing When to Renovate Your Space

Knowing When to Renovate Your Space

When growth comes, and an office space seems to have outlived its usefulness, how do you know whether it is time to renovate or move to a new office space? Companies of all sizes face this challenge, from insurance companies, to medical facilities, to law offices, to retail spaces, and everything in between. When the business began, the space was planned for optimal functionality, but now, the space may seem dated, cramped, uninviting, and completely non-functional. If your office space has arrived at the point of stagnating your business growth and hurting your company’s bottom line, it may be time to renovate.

Here are some helpful tips to help you decide if the time for renovation or a completely new office space has arrived.

Wear and Tear – The Inevitable

There is little you can do about the overall wear and tear your office experiences over the years. If your office is particularly busy and experiencing growth, general wear and tear becomes more evident, even if your office is small. Think about it, you have groups of people who spend eight or more hours a day in the space, then accidents happen, and damage occurs. Even when you attempt to resolve each issue as it happens, you’re still only troubleshooting small areas and not revamping the entire office when one accident occurs. Each small repair adds up and though your try, eventually your office looks like a space in need of a serious makeover.

File Cabinets and Clutter Are Threatening to Take Over Your Space

Though you live in the digital age, paper documents are still utilized and must be stored properly. Is your office inundated with file cabinets and the appearance of clutter? Hint: If there are more file cabinets than walls in each office space, the answer is yes. And that means you have to many! It might be possible to repurpose a space in your office and designate it for storage only, but if your space is already overflowing, this may prove impossible.

Lack of Harmony

When your office becomes a mishmash of styles, colors, and equipment, your space begins to lack the professional appearance you hope to convey to your clients.  The same is true if you have made updates but failed to keep then in similar office styles.

Employees Are Complaining

If you’ve heard your employees complaining about their workspace or seen your customers sideways glances, it is probably time to renovate or move to a new updated space. You can confirm these opinions by checking your online reviews, comments will often reflect what you are hearing from your employees and seeing in your clients’ faces.

Time to Change

The point of renovation, remodeling, or moving to a better office is not only for employee morale and productivity, but to make sure your professionalism and expertise shine through in all you do – including the appealing appearance of your space. When you make changes to your space, upgrades are needed across the board, from furnishings to office equipment to maintain a quality and proficient image. Whether you chose to move or renovate, computers, electronics, equipment, furnishing, and other décor should be factored into your budget. When the time comes to renovate your corporate space or move to a new space, Perillo Construction promises to deliver the expertise you need to get the project done successfully.