Is it Time to Update Your Bathroom

Is it Time to Update Your Bathroom

If you were to rank your home spaces according to the number of working hours, the bathroom and kitchen will top. We spend countless hours in these places, but when it comes to an upgrade, the kitchen takes the lead. On the other hand, no one remembers the bathroom despite the encouragement from real estate. According to them, a house with a fancy bathroom costs more when it comes to house equity. 

Constant Plumbing Issues

Leaky flash tanks, faucets, and overflowing toilets are a headache. In addition to being an annoyance, they waste a lot of water that reflects as heavy bills. But through an update, you can fix the inefficiency and reduce high bills as a result of water wastage. 

Tough to Clean Bathroom Surfaces 

Over the years, the buildup of hard water, dirt, and oily surfaces makes it hard and grossing to clean the bathroom. Even with professional help, some of this dirt is now tough stains and irremovable. To save on maintenance fees, and hiring all kinds of cleaners, go for an upgrade. Choose a style of bathroom that’s manageable to use and clean without a helping hand. 

Poor Lighting 

When the bathroom lighting starts to irritate you, it’s time for a transformation. They might be too bright affecting your comfort while bathing. Or they might be too dark making it difficult to use the bathroom mirror. Through an upgrade, you can install dimmers and comfortable lighting.

Dormant Fixtures 

When certain fixtures are dormant because you no longer need them, it’s time for an upgrade. It could be the bathtub, Jacuzzi, or bidet. Through remodeling, you can create more space in the bathroom for other uses. Also, if you need to accommodate a pet-friendly or children’s fixture, it’s a good idea to upgrade. 

Outdated Design

If you are keeping up with the current trend, then an outdated bathroom is not an option. An update will fix the flaws and turn your bathroom’s old design into the current. Further, the brass touches, faucets, wallpapers, and interior design may be worn out due to humidity. 

And if some of the fixtures are still vintage, especially the toilet and sinks, redesigning will modernize everything.  A touch of vintage is not a bad idea. But lack of updates makes everything outdated.

Cluttered Counters 

If it’s a household bathroom with multiple users, then more counter space is necessary. Cluttered counters will be the first signal that a change is needed to bring in an organization in this place. Therefore, to avoid grossing out people as a result of storing everything in one space, update your bathroom. 

Moldy Bathroom

A moldy bathroom means there is no escape route for the humidity that builds up in the bathroom when taking shower. It may be due to a broken fun, or because of poor design that didn’t include it in the first place. As a result, toxic mold may develop in your bathroom as a result of excess humidity. But through the update, you can ensure there is enough ventilation to drive out excess humidity. 

Slow Bathroom Drains

This is a sign that you need to contact a plumber. However, there are times when fixing doesn’t solve the issue entirely. In fact, the plumber diagnostics might motivate you to go for a complete upgrade. 


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