Interior Contractor versus Interior Designer

Interior Contractor versus Interior Designer

When the time comes for your interior build out renovation, how do you know whether to choose an interior contractor or an interior designer? Which will be the best choice to deliver the space of your dreams and help you with your future success? There are many factors which can play into your decision, but the scope of the work you need done is a big one. To help you make the decision on whether a contractor or a designer is best for your build out project.

The Comparison

A contractor handles the materials provision, as well as the equipment, labor, and other service to get the renovation completed. Often a general contractor oversees sub-contractors to perform specific projects within the overall project.

A designer studies design, function, and use of spaces. Often a designer also had decorating skills like a decorator, but only a designer can design structural changes in a space.

Hiring an Interior Contractor

You’ll want to choose a renovation contractor when you aren’t planning to do any interior projects yourself. A professional contractor will ensure the workmanship of your build out and accomplish it in a timely manner. Construction means work, and since time is money, you’ll want to get your project completed with quality and in a timely manner. In most cases, your build out will completely alter the space, developing it exclusively for your business needs. By doing so, windows, walls, entryways, and more may need to be relocated, plumbing and electric may require upgrading, and unexpected issues may come to light. Because of the scope of the work involved, an interior renovation contractor may be the person you need to get your build out done well.

Hiring an Interior Designer

If you have some construction skills, and you are planning to do some of the build out work yourself, an interior designer can help you configure you new business space in a way that meets your company’s needs. An interior designer is also an excellent resource for selecting the best finishes and design elements for your project. Choosing an interior designer will also help you stay within your timeline and your budget. An interior designer can also provide you with contacts should any specialty work be required in your build out.

Making the Decision

Now that the designer and the contractor have been compared, lets explore the steps to determining which you need, or maybe a combination of the two, to see your project to completion on time and on budget with quality.

Before talking with either of these professionals, you should have a plan and know the scope of your project. What do you picture for your business space? You also need to know your budget constraints and the timeline in which the project needs to be completed.

Of course, even before ask for estimates, you’ll want to do your research. Ask for recommendations. Meet with contractors and designers, and look at their completed projects for styles you like. Once you have your information together, you are ready to get estimates from contractors and designers.

When you have finally hired the professional for your project, you need to be prepared to collaborate. You’ve chosen the professional for good reason – he or she has the expertise, can get the job done well, and can deliver recommendations to help you create the business space of your dreams.

Consider Perillo Construction for your Build Out Project

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