Interior Build Outs with Perillo Construction, A Professional General Contractor

Improvement construction work in huge white office.


Perillo Construction Inc. is a full-service interior-contracting firm capable of taking any interior office build-out to the next level on budgets both large and small. An improved office interior equates to higher employee moral and greater business productivity. When a business is successful it will remain a loyal tenant. This is why office interior build outs are such a big deal, we should know, it’s what we do best.

Since 1980, we have been providing South Florida with superior construction management. We continually help our clients save money and incur better build out results. Our experience as a general contractor earned us many valuable relationships within the industry, meaning we can attain some of the best prices on materials and labor for our clients.

We Help You Build A Prosperous Rental Space

If you are renovating an old building or starting from scratch, we are there every step of the way to make sure the development of a rental space goes as planned. We procure the best prices on materials, and have access to important components of the renovation and building process that might otherwise take months to figure out.

PCI successfully manages commercial, retail and residential projects thanks to our understanding of the unique aspects each project requires. There are certain contracts and other conditions involved that must be taken into consideration as well. Such as, when are tenants are scheduled to move in or out of a building? Or, does your interior build out meet strict codes and regulations enforced in your area? Speaking of which…

Is Your Interior Build Out Up To Code?

As a full service General Contractor it is our job to make sure that everything in a building project is up to code so that you don’t encounter issues down the line. Finding out that something is not up to code right before tenants are scheduled to start a lease is the last thing you want. Delays like this can lead to lost business, forcing you back to square one before you ever take off.

Every step of the way there are a number of codes and regulations that must be taken into account to prevent problems from cropping up. PCI has successfully managed so many projects for commercial, residential and retail rental units, giving us unique insight to every last detail of the equation.

When you choose PCI as your General Contractor you know with confidence that your project is up to par and ready for renters as soon as construction completes.

We Do It So That You Don’t Have To   

There are a number of things we look out for as a General Contractor of any project. Depending on if a space is preoccupied or empty there are different actions that need to be secured before and during the construction process.

Some of the project details we look out for in regards to existing buildings include:

  • Making sure any tenants currently occupying a space are out on time and properly informed so as not to run into legal issues.
  • If demolition is scheduled, proper actions need to be taken in regards to existing plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems.
  • Arranging transportation capable to receive and construct all appropriate materials.
  • Ensuring space access as well as special protection needed to safely get the job done.
  • Making sure all repairs are completed to meet new and updated building standards, codes and material regulations.   

The above list is only the start of the many things we manage and arrange in regards to general construction services. Without a General Contractor of some kind it’s very difficult to complete a building up to code, as well as score good prices on materials and labor.

At PCI It’s All About Teamwork

In order to produce the best results it’s all about teamwork. This is why we work so closely with everyone onboard a project, including architects, developers and building managers. By working together we are able to produce the most efficient and stunning results.

We have managed a number of interior build outs for businesses, restaurants, medical buildings, churches, retail stores, and the list continues. Our vast experience working on projects from sky-rise buildings to one-story shopping centers grants us the knowledge necessary to keep any project in line every step of the way.

Some build outs require a modern appeal, while others, like for instance a high-end jewelry store, might want a more traditional, luxury appeal. From start to finish, PCI works hard so that your project moves in the right direction and takes on the appropriate tone.

We are conveniently located in Coral Gables, Fl. Contact us today to learn more about our full-service General Contractor services. We look forward to working with you to accomplish your goals!