Improving an Aging Home

Improving an Aging Home

Want to give your aging home a drastic transformation that makes it look like the latest edition? Well, we’ve got you covered. More often, it’s inexpensive to improve an older home than demolishing it and building a new one. As long as the structure is still strong and sturdy, remodeling will give it the new look it deserves. And here are top improvement tips for an aging home:

Refinish Hardwoods

Give the hardwood a new look with a fresh stain. But before you apply it, scrap off any furnish and previous stain from the wood. Thereafter, apply the new stain and transform their looks. 

New Doors

If you want to maintain the classic feel, then a new shaker door will do. However, if you want a different look and feel, consider a modern style door to complement the house entrance. 

Eliminate Outdated Fixtures

Wall fixtures add a certain personality to the living spaces. Therefore, if you want to improve the old house, the first step is removing all dated fixtures. Thereafter, install new ones with a modern feel. Alternatively, you can stick with the classic fixtures, but those with a modern touch. 


Being an old house, the paint must be dated as well. Therefore, it’s important to give it a fresh look through painting. For starters, you can use virgin white paint to cover the previous paint before applying the final coat. While your focus is on the interior, don’t forget about the exterior of the house. You should do the same for a complete transformation of the entire house from old to new. 

While painting is something anyone can do as long as they have paint and brush, the result can be frustrating. Therefore, it’s important to learn some painting skills if you’re going to do it as a DIY project. If you have the painting skills, well, that’s great. And before you apply the final coat, ensure the color you choose brings together different elements of the house. 

Add Light

Oftentimes, old houses are dark due to poor lighting or dated fixtures. As such, they have dull and cold interiors, a character that distinguishes them from modern houses. Therefore, if you’re improving your old house, consider adding new fixtures and improving the lighting in the entire house. 

Doing this will bring liveliness to the house and eliminate the old look and feel. In case you have a great fixture that’s still good but has an outdated color, consider spray painting it. 

Repair Wall

Age doesn’t just take a toll on the paint; it also affects the integrity of the walls. Therefore, it’s important to inspect the entire walls in the house if you can spot damage. Also, you’ll need to patch any blemish due to poor paintwork or nail resurfacing. After it dries up, a new painting will give it the fresh look it deserves. 

Update Wall Fixtures, Plates, and Light Switches

As part of the method to improve lighting in the entire house, you should update all dated fixtures. And this includes plates and light switches. 

Create Cohesion 

To avoid living the house in a chaotic state of mismatching, consider a neutral style that ties everything together.

Replace or Clean the Carpets

If you can, swap the old carpet with a new one. If the floor is wooden tiles, give it a good scrub before applying the new stain and sealing it. 

Final Take

Finding it exhausting to improve the old house in your home? Well, reach out to Perillo Construction and they’ll come to your rescue. Specialists in structure renovations and build-out, they’ll give your home the transformation you desire.