How to Spruce Up Your Retail Space

How to Spruce Up Your Retail Space

If your retail space is not ready for some remodeling, there are a lot of ways to spruce it up by incorporating décor to keep you and your workers productive happy, and motivated and also attract more attention from customers. People are highly visual, which means if you want to gain and keep their attention, you need to show them something stimulating and visually attractive. These tips from Perillo construction are applicable in your retail space, big or small.

Use Adequate and Decorative Lighting

Lighting can make or break your retail space. It provides visibility and draws attention to certain areas or products. It is a significant part of the creation of ambiance in your space. Make sure the space is well lit and ensure you are using various types of retail lighting where needed. Using good lighting will make the rest of the store visible to clients and it sets a good backdrop for everything else in the space.

Use Accent Colors

Adding a bit of color by using accent colors on your walls and furniture complements your space and culture. It brightens the place up. It also adds dimension, personality and brings a new life to the workplace. This opens the opportunity for the business to show off their space to customers and also conduct more business on site. A brightly colored retail environment is always more inspirational than one that is bland.

Organize Clutter

Clutter is the enemy of productivity A retail space may sometimes appear smaller than it is. This is because of the ineffective usage of space. If you want your space to look good, you will have to declutter and rediscover your space. This entails keeping only the equipment and furniture you need. Also, get rid of things that no longer spark joy. Nothing beats a clutter-free and well-organized business. Decluttering will give your workspace a facelift, transform the look and feel of the space by making it look organized and clean. It makes the space look more inviting to staff and clients.


Many retail environments are simple and sterile with very few decorations and furniture. Add depth to the space through layered and textured decorations. Mix and match vintage pieces with the modern technology you use in your workspace. Too many different elements and textures can be distracting which can lower productivity. Keep a good balance between decoration and function.

Personalize Your Space

Ensure that your retail space is created for you and your wares. Visitors and clients who walk in and see a repetition of every other business they have entered might feel less cramped if they walk into a space that is designed uniquely. A suitable artwork can make the space appear more unique and exciting. Create a space that is customized to your brand and personality. It is also good to allow your workers the freedom to decorate their specific space or cube. They can incorporate the elements that keep them motivated.

Add Plants

Incorporate nature into your workspace. Allow natural sunlight to illuminate the place. Having live plants such as cactus, bamboo, peace lilies can brighten up the place. Having these natural elements creates a healthy environment for you, your workers, and your customers. Plants make your retail space more aesthetically pleasing and purify the air while looking great.
When faced with tight schedules, a budget, and landlord restrictions, it can be difficult to make your retail space a priority.

However, personalizing your space, playing around with lighting and colors, and creating a unique way to spruce up your workplace can go a long way. It helps in keeping you, your employees, and customers happy. For more information, contact Perillo Construction today.