How to Make a Small Store Appear Large

How to Make a Small Store Appear Large

Not every business has the opportunity to have a large facility. However, this doesn’t make it a bad thing. It might be due to a limited budget or even limited spaces to let in the business district. Luckily, there are tons of ways on how to make a small store appear bigger. And that’s what we’ll look at in this text. Let’s start: 

Maximize on Lighting

Choice lighting makes a big difference when looking for ways to make your space appear bigger. For starters, avoid dim lighting at all costs. It will make your space even smaller than it is. With that said, you need to find ways that will permit more natural light into your store. For instance, you can establish an unobstructed path for natural light. 

And it should run from the window to the back of the store. Thereafter, source good lighting that will brighten up the space in your store. Also, consider light options that are complementary and practical to your store. 

Install Mirrors

Installing mirrors in space creates an illusion that it’s bigger. Therefore, you can’t miss having several large mirrors in your store for this purpose. However, getting the mirrors and installing them isn’t enough to serve this purpose. Correct placement of each mirror is crucial in creating a spacious feel. Also, the mirrors can be handy in distributing natural light in the store if the windows are further or limited. 

Careful Choice of Furniture

Furniture has a role to play in your store’s spacious feel. Considering it’s small, choose non-bulky pieces of furniture. They’ll not only complement the space but make the store appear larger. And besides the size of the furniture, their colors count. In this case, focus on minimalistic style as much as possible. 

Avoid Clutters

Clutters can even make a bigger store appear small. Therefore, you should avoid such a scene in your store. You need an organizing plan that limits the mess and also presents well the goods you’re selling to clients. By doing so, you’ll make the space appear larger. 

Focal Points

Ever seen clients getting to a store and rushing to pick a product on a specific shelf? Well, you can avoid this in your store by creating focal points. This will ensure your clients can notice other offers you have besides what they’ve come for. Most importantly, the focal points must be visible from the entrance. Also, they must display striking brands that will serve as an anchor for other goods in the entire store. 


Your space must appear comfy and friendly to the clients even as you focus on making it appear larger. Consider innovative ways such as a specific theme according to your business. Use wall paintings and proper alignment of the store layout for easy navigation. 

Backdrop Color

The backdrop color has a special effect on the size of a space. Oftentimes, dark colors will create a sense of small space. A light color, on the other hand, creates a bigger space illusion. While there are tons of options for bright colors, consider those that are neutral. In addition, choose a different color for each wall in your store to enhance the illusion even further. 


Finally, how you organize the layout of your store plays a crucial role in making it appear bigger. Therefore, you must not approach this lightly. What’s more, maximizing the size of space is also critical. And that’s why you need expert hands in making this project a success. With that said, contacting Perillo Construction is the best point to start. They are General Contractors and experts in this field based in Florida.