How To Increase Property Appeal To Future Tenants: Commercial Office Interior Design Ideas Of The Future

Portrait Of Male Architect And Mature Woman Discussing Plan On Blueprint At Construction Site

The rise of urbanism, technology and millennials are bringing about big changes in traditional office design. In order to maintain tenant interest it’s important to remain at the forefront of these changes for interior office build outs. Regardless if you are building a structure from the ground up or renovating an older building, there are techniques you can use to attract greater attention from future tenants.

82% of Class A office buildings in the US were constructed before 1990, and 53% were constructed before 1980. There are currently a lot of old buildings being completely gutted and renovated to fit with modern office needs. In fact, there are more old buildings undergoing renovations now than ever before, especially in large cities such as New York, San Francisco and Chicago.

With the rise of technology and millennials moving into the workforce, things are changing at a rapid pace, including the ways we conduct business. The goal of any building should be to support these changes or else risk becoming obsolete.

Here are some office interior design ideas to consider in order to make your property stand out against the competition and appeal to future tenants, tomorrow as well as 10-years down the road.

Collaborative Work Spaces & Special Amenities

A big change in the workplace relates to collaborative work ideologies vs. traditional every man for himself cubical-style work environments. When designing an office space it’s important to keep this in mind and create the appropriate spaces for group collaboration to take place.

Employers are also looking for workplace amenities that make their company more attractive to work for, allowing them to attract the greatest talent in a specific industry. Gyms, well-designed dining areas and perhaps even a gaming room are all things to consider that weren’t regarded so much 10-years ago.

Some companies are even adding dry-cleaning, ATM’s and fitness classes to their list of workplace amenities. Don’t get left behind by designing a building that doesn’t support these opportunities. Having extra amenities available on a premise will increase tenant interest, as well as increase how much you can rent your property out for. 

Light & Bright Environments

The more science uncovers about employee wellbeing and productivity the more we realize the importance of things like natural light. There was a time when natural light seemed unimportant in a workspace; after all you could just flip on a light switch.

Today, we know that humans naturally feel happier and work harder when they have access to natural light. When designing the interior of buildings carefully place key offices and other important areas in light and bright areas. No employee wants to work in a dark, depressing environment, and that means tenants are not going to pay much for dreary buildings either. Natural light can also help reduce electricity costs, yet another key selling point.

Consider Becoming LEED Certified

LEED certification is the official stamp of approval for green standards. When building or fully renovating a building you have the opportunity to apply for LEED certification. This boosts your building’s eco-friendliness and generates more interest in your building overall.

LEED certified projects create more energy efficient buildings, which appeals to tenants through a reduction in operating costs.  There are many green companies out there that might not even consider renting a building that is not green, thus opening up your potential tenant clientele.

Efficient Spaces

There was a time when cost per square foot existed, now it’s leaning towards cost per seat. As labor costs increase, companies are hard at work to save money in other areas. As a result, the average square foot reserved for each employee is continually on the decline. Look towards the Tiny House movement for inspiration, in other words you want to create highly functional spaces using as little square footage as possible.

Know Your Niche

The demographics and technological changes taking place in your area are fundamental in regards to the best plan of action. You need to know your zone in order to attract the right tenants, or rather the ones that are actually looking to set up shop in your region.  This is where basic research is handy to uncover what business owners in your area want and need.

No matter where your construction project is located, the trends outlined above are here to stay and are only expected to increase in strength over the next 10-years. It’s all about creating interior build outs that speak to the future as opposed to the past.

Perillo Construction is leading the way in innovative office build outs with our full service interior and general contractor services.  Our distinct design ideas and superior connections will attract tenants and increase your property value long into the future.