How To Find The Best Commercial Flooring For Your Office Interior Build Out

Long wooden floor in commercial building

Wood, vinyl, tile, rubber flooring; your choices are endless when it comes to picking the perfect commercial flooring for your office interior build out. The million dollar question remains: how do you find the best commercial flooring for your office?

The answer varies depending on a considerable amount of factors, including how much traffic your office gets, what sort of work is conducted and even the style you are trying to match. In most cases the same flooring is not used throughout an entire office, instead a variety of floors are placed in different areas. While it’s important all of these flooring types flow together and appear cohesive, it’s even more important that they are capable of standing up to the associated challenges.

The number one way to find the best commercial flooring is to work with a superior team that provides high quality floors at fair prices. PCI has connections in all facets of interior office build outs, meaning we’ve got the hook ups you need for superior commercial flooring. Yet, even with a reliable flooring vendor and installation team, how do you pick from hundreds of options?

A Look At Different Commercial Flooring Options

Carpet, wood floors, rubber floors, and vinyl floors are just some of your many options regarding commercial flooring. Here’s a closer look at some of the more popular commercial flooring options.

Commercial Carpeting

Carpet is a great choice in some instances and a terrible choice in others. Carpet is known to stain and get dirty, although certain colors and patterns are specifically made to camouflage wear and tear.

Carpet is ideal if you work in a noisy environment and are trying to provide some additional noise insulation. Offices that are close to one another or hotels where rooms are lined up side by side provide a perfect example of carpet working as a form of noise insulation.

Carpet requires a good deal of maintenance and will need to be ripped up and replaced sooner than other flooring materials. One solution to this is installing carpet tile, which can replaced by the square and is available in a huge variety of colors, patterns and styles.

Commercial Wood Flooring

Wood floors add classic beauty to any office or commercial space. Wood flooring costs more to install and purchase than many other flooring options, but it is proven to last a long time, is easy to clean and difficult to stain. Still, if there’s a possibility for excess moisture in your office wood floors are at risk for damage. In most cases, sanding and refinishing can save damaged wood floors, even if the damage is due to moisture. Wood floors are going to make a space colder, meaning you can expect higher heating costs if you live somewhere cold. Also, it’s easier for people to slip on wood floors, so it might not be best in high traffic areas.

Commercial Rubber Flooring

Looking for a floor that is nearly impossible to stain? You might want to consider installing rubber floors. These hardcore durable floors are hugely beneficial if you get a lot of traffic in your office, as they provide a durable surface that is highly resistant to wear and tear. You can add easy to maintain, slip-resistant and sound absorbent to the list of rubber floor perks. Rubber floors come in a wide variety of colors, textures and styles, meaning they don’t have to look as industrial as you might be envisioning.

Commercial Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is one of the most affordable options, but before you seal the deal on cost alone it’s important that this type of flooring will work sufficiently in your office.  Vinyl is very durable, therefore if your office gets heavy foot traffic it will stand up to the challenges better than more sensitive flooring types. Vinyl rarely shows signs of dents, scratches or stains. Plus, vinyl comes in an assortment of colors, designs and styles.

Vinyl flooring is often referred to as resilient flooring, or rather flooring that is firm, yet provides “give” and “bounce back.” Commercial projects often rely on resilient flooring because it is manufactured in tiles and rolls, making it affordable to install as well as durable, comfortable to walk on, and easy to maintain.

Commercial Cork Flooring

Cork floors are sound resistant, durable and can be ordered in planks or tiles. Cork flooring can be glued down or floated over other subfloors, such as wood, concrete, etc. Some cork flooring even comes with interlocking pieces that easily snap together.

Cork is easy to maintain, but should not be used in moist environments as it is easily damaged by water. There is such thing as cork/rubbing flooring, which offers the water resistance of rubber with the foot comfort provided by cork.

Finding The Best Flooring For Your Office Interior Build Out

Perillo Construction is here to help you find the best flooring for all areas of your office. We don’t just secure the top contractors at the best prices; we are also here to help you make the right decisions for the long-term effectiveness and efficiency of any building.