How To Find Commercial Building Contractors For Office Build Outs

How To Find Commercial Building Contractors For Office Build Outs

Commercial building contractors for interior office build outs are experts in project management. They are responsible for assembling a qualified team of sub contractors while keeping your project in line with budget and time frame. Perhaps one of the most important jobs of a commercial building contractor is finding the right vendors and sub contractors to perform all necessary components of a build out, including plumbing, floor installation, interior design and so forth.

The sub contractors you select to work on your interior office build out play an integral role in the final outcome. The right contractors can shave time, money and hassles off of the bottom line. On the other hand, the wrong contractors can cost you an unexpected fortune while delivering poor or untimely work. So how do you avoid the bad vendors and sub contractors and seek out the good? 

PCI has a long list of trusted sub contractors under our belt, after so many years in the industry we know whom we can trust to get each job done just right. Our unmatched expertise can save you so many hassles, while ensuring a build out done right, on budget and within the estimated time frame.

Find A General Contractor To Take Care Of It All

Instead of being tasked with appointing a bunch of different people for numerous jobs, you can simply hire a general contractor to take care of every last detail. By hiring a trusted general contractor, you gain access to leading sub contractors with trusted reputations. As a result of our long-standing relationships and connections with these sub contractors, we get deals that are then passed down to you.

Depending on your contract, general contractor responsibilities may include:

-Estimating and bidding your project.

-Working closely with the architect, builders and other key players to keep the project in line with budget, time constraints, building codes and so forth.

-Finding and hiring the right contractor for each job, as well as negotiating contracts with sub contractors.

-Maintaining consistent financial records of every last transaction and expense.

-Making sure the correct temporary facilities are available on the development site.

-Creating a detailed weekly schedule for all workers to follow, helping to ensure the project stays on point with the agreed upon timeline. 

-Distributing funds for materials, suppliers, contractors, etc.

-Obtaining necessary permits

-Scheduling building inspections

-Troubleshooting any issues that arise on the job site.

-Negotiating the costs of materials.

-Ensuring that all waste and recyclables are properly removed and disposed of.

Basically, your general contractor does all of the hard work for you, along with the guarantee things get done right the first time around. The general contractor meets with all project players on a weekly basis to receive project updates and discuss the best course of action moving forward. You meet with your general contractor on a regular pre-determined basis to discuss project progress and any issues that arise.

How To Find The Best General Contractor For Interior Office Build Outs

Some questions to ask a general contractor to identify if he or she is right for the job:

-How many jobs like this have you worked on in the past? Can I see examples of that work/speak with past clients?

-What is the average cost per square footage for a job like this? What about the average turn-around time?

-What efforts do you take to ensure the site is clean and safe at all times?

Pros To Working With A General Contractor:

-It’s the most cost effective, timely and hassle-free way to complete office interior build outs.

-It might be less expensive compared to bidding out jobs yourself to individual contractors.

-The contractor becomes responsible for most on-site issues, otherwise issues are all on you to address and fix.

-You get access to the best contractors without having to do any research.

What If I Don’t Have A General Contractor?

Without a general contractor you’ll need a lot more time to take care of every last detail yourself, from finding and hiring the right sub contractors to finding supplies and materials. You’ll also have to sort through complicated matters like building permits and inspections. If your project is small and you have a lot of extra time, you might be fine. On the other hand, completing mid to large sized projects with limited time and no general contractor is going to be difficult. 

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