Home Renovations to Avoid During the Holidays

Home Renovations to Avoid During the Holidays

As the year progresses toward the holiday season, preparations are made to entertain family and friends. While entertaining for the holidays, some homeowners want their homes to look their best. But it is not just about the decorations and seasonal accents. It is also about winterizing your home. Around the holidays, homeowners get the itch to redo the roof, spruce up their kitchen, and even replace their flooring. But during the holidays you will want to stay away from the big projects. No one wants to invite guests while the kitchen or the bathroom is under renovation. Here are home renovations to avoid during the holidays.

Front Entryway

During the holidays it can be tempting to renovate your doorstep and front entryway so that the garland and wreath are complete and absolutely picturesque. But it is best to avoid the entryway as weather can be unpredictable, slowing down the renovations and maybe even completely stopping them.

The Floors

Although most renovations can be quickly turned around, it is important to understand the timeframe it takes from start to finish the project. You can paint the walls on a weekend, but the floors take some time to plan. It can take days to do the installation process alone, let alone the time it takes to purchase the wood and then allow it to adjust to its new environment. If you want new floors, make sure you start this project as early as possible.

Kitchen Upgrade

For most people, holidays are a  nonstop whirlwind of entertaining. The kitchen is where your family and friends gather during the holidays to prepare festive meals. A kitchen renovation can take months to be done properly. Starting a kitchen renovation during the holidays and racing to finish in time will end up disappointing you, and it will probably add unnecessary stress to your holiday season. It is a good idea to avoid such a project during the holidays or plan it well in advance so it can be done in time for the holidays or wait until the holidays are over.

Room Addition

Usually, a room addition takes the longest time to complete. It is the same process as constructing a new house but on a smaller scale. You may want to add an extra room during the holidays so your guests can have somewhere to sleep. But this is not a project you want to undertake during the holidays. It takes time and you don’t want that kind of a mess while you are entertaining guests.


Transforming your outdated bathroom into a modern one will most likely include plumbing work, flooring tiling, and the installation of new appliances. Tiling can take up to a few weeks as each piece will need to be custom measured and cut before fitting and grouting it. A bathroom is a place that receives a lot of traffic during the holidays, one that home simply cannot survive without. It is good to hold off on bathroom renovation until after the holidays are over.


The variety of choices available when it comes to your roof can be daunting, and every material has a different timeframe to install. Most roofs can be replaced in a few days, although repairing and replacing thatch can take longer and will require experts. Unfortunately, during the holidays, the weather can be unpredictable and can delay roof work. It is much better to wait for good conditions to achieve the best finish.

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