Home Renovation Trends

Home Renovation Trends

Home renovations in 2020 have taken on a new look, with lots of trends in remodeling homes to achieve the best in functionality, aesthetics, and livability. Some home improvement trends are designed to help homeowners save money. For example, the addition of home insulation, the installation of energy-saving lighting and appliances, or the addition of energy-efficient roofing or new HVAC, can help increase a home’s eco-friendliness. Other renovation trends help improve a home’s functionality for the family within, like the addition of a home office or complete kitchen remodel. Whatever the reason, from millennials to boomers, here are the top renovation trends for 2020.

Painting and Wallpapering

While nearly always on trend, painting is one of the least expensive ways to renovate your home. Joining painting this year is the return of wallpapers, often used in conjunction with paint to create stylish focal elements in the home. Painting your home, brightens the inside while improving your curb appeal outside and often increasing your home’s value.

Smart Technology 

Smart technology is among the home renovation trends for 2020. Smart technology provides needed solutions to make live more comfortable for you and your family. Families enjoy the simple design and function of smart tech including wireless LED lights, z-wave devices, and thermal leak detectors as well as kitchen and bathroom innovations.

In the Kitchen

Kitchens, as the hub of the home, are often high on the list of home renovation projects. While kitchens now act and the anchor and centerpiece to many homes, simplicity of design is on trend. From farmhouse design to minimalist modern, clean lines and industrial finishes lead the kitchen remodeling trends. Natural stone finishes, wood accents, open shelving, and wallpaper (vinyl, wipeable, and washable varieties are now available) are also among the kitchen trends of 2020. As mentioned, smart technology leads the way, particularly in today’s modern kitchens. From controlling refrigerators, ovens, and faucets, smart tech brings greater functionality and time-saving practices to the kitchen. Smart kitchens also boast sustainability and eco-friendliness with water saving dishwashers, energy efficient appliances, as well as windows to allow in natural light and reduce the use of lighting during daylight hours. Color, as in paint, cabinets, and appliances is also trending in the kitchen, with blue and green as popular options, along with a variety of metallic finishes including chrome and brass.

In the Bathroom

While kitchens top everyone’s to do list for remodeling, did you know bathrooms are actually first on the list of spaces being remodeled each year? Black finishes are trending in bathroom renovations from light fixtures, to mirror frames, to faucets. Smart technology has also found a place in the bathroom, from Bluetooth speakers, specialized toilets with bidet additions, eco-friendly water-saving showers, and energy efficient lighting.  Effective storage space in the bathroom is also on trend, allowing for more open bathrooms with big showers and relaxing tubs.

On the Outside

Exterior home improvements can not only improve your property aesthetics and livability, but often offer the highest return on investment by adding value to your home. Patios and decks are being renovated with all the comforts of home including outdoor bars and kitchens, fireplaces, and expansive lounging space for family and friends to enjoy. Popular exterior materials include natural wood, brick, stamped or printed concrete, copper, birch, reclaimed wood, and more. Landscaping is part of the package, so don’t forget to include walkways, lighting, and plants galore to your exterior remodel.

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