Home Renovation Projects for 2021

Home Renovation Projects for 2021

In the age of the coronavirus pandemic, people have spent more time than ever at home, and 2021 has begun with an indication that trend will continue. With that in mind, many people are planning renovations to make their living spaces more comfortable and accommodating to the changes. When planning for home renovation, it is important to not only make your home as comfortable and accommodating for the present residents (you and your family) but also to invest in changes that increase the resale value of your home should you chose to sell your property in the future. Here the home renovation experts at Perillo Construction share the top home renovation projects for 2021.

The Home Office

As work and school moved home in 2020, the home office became one of the trending home renovation projects of the year. The trend shows no signs of letting up as many companies and employees see the benefits of working from home.  While some positions will likely return to the office later in 2021, many will remain as remote working options for the future, making the home office an essential home renovation that also adds significant resale value. Many homeowner convert unused or underutilized space like formal dining rooms or guest bedrooms into office space. Others, with less living space, turning large closets or unused nooks into home office spaces.

Painting is an Upgrade

One of the most popular home renovation projects is repainting the house. Painting provides an upgrade to the space in a low cost manner. Keep in mind if painting is on your agenda for 2021, there are lots of fresh new colors from which to choose this year. Remember, darker hues tend to make spaces feel cozy, while lighter, brighter hues help smaller spaces feel considerable larger.

The Kitchen

The kitchen seems to always be on the list of popular trending home renovation projects and 2021 will be no exception. The kitchen is the heart of your home and in light of the pandemic has probably been the gathering spot for the entire family. Your kitchen should be beautiful, warm and welcoming, as well as functional. Kitchens not only serve to prep and cook multiple daily meals, but also store food, beverages, and more. Kitchen renovations nearly always increase your resale value. Among the most popular kitchen additions right now is the addition of a pantry. Another popular option is adding the fresh color to cabinets and flooring. Among the most popular trends is greige – a warm tone which combines gray and beige. It is showing up not only on walls but in painted cabinets and the newest flooring trends have also given a nod to greige.  Matte black has also made an appearance in fixtures, tiles, and backsplashes where is often paired with brushed gold and white for a bit of dramatic flair. Of course, matte black delivers style and elegance when paired with any color. Speaking of brushed gold, brass with a brush gold finished is also trending in lighting and fixtures in kitchen redesign bringing a measure of warmth to any space. Weathered nickel is another popular choice for fixture and lighting, especially for those homeowners who favor understated chic.

The Space Transformation

As mentioned homeowners are transitioning unused and underutilized spaces into home offices, but there are lots of other great options. What about transitioning space into a family game room or opening up space to make a comfortable dining space for the whole family to enjoy together. You can transition the basement or the garage into a studio, weight room, or yoga area. Soundproofing is a complementary trend particularly if your newly renovated space requires it.

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