Green Building Ideas For Eco-Minded Retailers

Green Building Ideas For Eco-Minded Retailers

Retail spaces consume a lot of energy, so it is understandable to want to go for an eco-friendly build-out to reduce your carbon footprint. Adopting eco-friendly practices for your build-out can minimize environmental impact at low costs. Combining eco-friendly design techniques and innovative technology can help reduce energy consumption and build a welcoming space for your customers and employees. 

Recent studies have shown that nearly 44 percent of consumers globally prefer to shop from brands with a clear commitment to environmental sustainability. Additionally, 46 percent of consumers are more likely to make a purchase if the product they want comes in recyclable packaging. That’s why we have compiled an eco-friendly build-out guide to help make your business sustainable. 


Retail business owners can do their part in preserving the environment by installing eco-friendly flooring. Build materials such as cork, bamboo, concrete, and hardwood are just a few sustainable building materials you can use for floors. These flooring options can adapt to various aesthetical choices and are forest-friendly. Flooring impacts the overall appeal of any room, so if you are building a retail space from scratch, consider starting with the floors. 


Roofing has a significant impact on how big or small the space feels. Eco-friendly roofing materials like metal, wood shake, slate tile, and rubber enhance energy efficiency and are customizable. If you are willing to go the extra mile, consider installing green roofs that cover the top with vegetation. Roofs are a critical element of any build-out as they play a role in the energy efficiency of the building. In the long run, a sustainable roof will save you on cooling and heating costs. Green roofs are especially environmentally friendly as they create a haven for flora and fauna to thrive in build-up locations. 

Natural Ventilation

Natural ventilation plays a significant role in maintaining the air quality of a building. While it has many health benefits for those occupying the building, it can also improve the longevity of conventional HVAC systems. With less dust and debris clogging the HVAC vents, they use less power to maintain optimal temperatures. Passive ventilation systems are a good choice for an eco-friendly build-out as they don’t require electricity. These systems are also easier to maintain and provide the most comfortable environment for building occupants. 

Solar Energy

If you are going with an eco-friendly build-out, why not put the sun to work? Energy costs are unlikely to come down, and solar power goes a long way to minimize your grid reliance. Solar panels are easy to install and are subsidized by the government in many parts of the country. 

You can easily recover the installation cost in 3-4 years from energy bill savings alone. If you are eager to do your part in preserving the environment, solar panels are a crucial step to consider. 

Sustainable Building Materials

Sustainable building materials are often preferred over traditional materials due to low cost and environmental impact. Industrial crushing facilities recycle concrete from demolitions for new construction which reduces the overall cost of raw materials. Even flooring and roofing materials can be reused when refurbishing or building a property anew. However, before you start, consult an experienced contractor who understands what it takes to accomplish an eco-friendly build-out. 

Find The Right Contractor

Doing your part in preserving the environment makes your retail build-out a win-win project. However, building a sustainable retail space takes more than paperwork and careful planning. You need a team that understands the core elements of eco-friendly construction practices. At Perillo Construction, Inc., we provide various general contracting services to take your dream project from start to finish. To learn more about how to build an eco-friendly retail space, contact our amazing team today!