How to Ensure a Great Result at the Completion of Your Project

How to Ensure a Great Result at the Completion of Your Project

As your buildout begins, the goal is to have an exceptional space when the project is complete. But, just how do you accomplish this feat? Well, there are ways to ensure your buildout accomplishes your goals of positively representing your brand and providing your employees and clients with an outstanding environment. After all, your company culture and space not only impact employee morale and productivity, but also help you attract new clients for your business. Here are the crucial steps to help you ensure a great result at the completion of your buildout project.

Assemble a Solid Professional Team

Choose a design firm or an architect whose style matches your business’s style and vision. While any designer or architect should be able to create the design based on your vision, many have consistent components which they utilize in every project. Knowing that, it is key that when choosing your architect or designer, you visit recently completed spaces by the professionals you are considering. Choose offices which represent your vision whether it be an open floor plan, a traditional design, or a cutting edge creation. If their style isn’t exactly what you are looking for, move on, always using your time with them to evaluate their flexibility, creativity, and listening ability. You are looking for a design or architectural team who can help facilitate your vision, define your space, and turn your ideas into a workable plan for your space. Even in your first meeting with them, they should offer at least an idea or solution to an issue in the existing space.

Visioning Your Design

Once your design or architectural team is selected, you must be able to articulate your style and vision. A solid team, will be able to help you do so, even if you aren’t exactly sure of the design you want. A good start is to collect images of spaces you like and share them with your design team. Also important to your vision is what you want your space to convey – your brand and your company culture, what your business stands for. The more you can tell your design team, the greater the chance your space will deliver a great result on completion.

Call on Your Trusted Team Members for Design Input

Obviously, you can’t ask every employee for their ideas on the buildout design, but you can call on various departments (administrators, managers, and supervisors) and even worker categories (secretaries, assistants, techs, etc.). understanding how your team members function can go a long way in creating an efficient and productive environment in which they can work successfully.

Understand What Your Space Will Look Like Before the Buildout Begins

Your designer or architect should ensure you understand exactly what your space will look like before any construction begins. You should be provided with test fits, material samples, color and finish examples to help you visualize your final space. Most firms today should be able to provide a three-dimensional tour of your space via the latest technology. In addition, when it comes to furnishings, always visit showrooms if possible where you can see, touch, and test the furnishings recommended for your space.

Stick to Your Budget

While you should anticipate the unexpected, your final project should come in close to your original budget. Your design team and your construction team should be able to design and create your space within the budget you specified including any funds your landlord is providing toward the buildout. Once your budget is calculated, you need to stick to it and expect your buildout team to do the same. Doing so will keep you on budget and on schedule, successfully arriving at a great result for your completed project.

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