Energy Saving Ideas for Your Commercial Property

Energy Saving Ideas for Your Commercial Property

Commercial properties use a considerable amount of energy. Of that energy consumption about one-third is used needlessly or wastefully. For property owners, this means not only is energy being lost but money as well. Conserving energy can mean big savings for you, while also helping to protect the environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. On top of that energy-efficient properties are more attractive to tenants, leading to increased occupancy and enhanced property values. Here are some energy saving ideas for your commercial property that can save energy and subsequently money for your business.

Know Your Current Energy Usage

The place to start is knowing how much energy your property uses and the costs of that usage. Once you know, you can make a plan to identify where energy is being wasted and where changes need to be made. You might want to get an energy audit, which can measure emissions as well as energy usage with the help of professionals who installs monitors and sensors to make accurate measurements.

Make a Plan and Measure Progress

Now that you are aware of energy use and potential waste, develop a plan for energy conservation which also keeps your tenants’ needs in view. Most energy efficient upgrade are small investments with big ROI (return on investment). Even the costlier changes will save money and increase your property value over time. As you make your plan, set your goals, and measure your progress as you make changes. With every benchmark reached, you will save energy and lower your costs.

Water, Sewer, and Electric – What is the Connection?

As water is heated and pumped throughout your building, energy is used, which is why there is a positive correlation between water, sewage, and power bills. Typically, if you have tenants, these costs are passed on to them, but you should still work toward energy conservation for your building. You can accomplish the task by installing low-flow toilets, urinals, and faucets with controls that turn them off automatically. In addition, you should set water temperatures only as high as needed for tenants to save even more energy. Making sure your pipes and water heaters are in good repair and well insulated also offers energy savings.

Air Leaks are Costlier Than You Think

Your windows, walls, doors, roof, and foundation are thermal barriers for your property. Air leaks in any of these barrier points means more energy is need for heating and cooling your building. Repairing these leaks can be as simple as caulking, weather stripping, coating, glazing, and more insulation. If the windows in your building are older, you should think about replacing them with energy efficient windows which can cut lighting, heating, and cooling costs by up to 40 percent.

Assess Your Equipment

All your properties existing equipment, like HVAC, hot water tanks, thermostats, pumps, air filters, pipes, should be clean, insulated, and calibrated for optimum operating efficiency. It is in your best interest to have a regularly scheduled maintenance as well as ongoing systems checks to ensure your building equipment is always working properly. Installing newer energy efficient options is also a great way to save energy and money.

Improve Lighting

Lighting can use up to 30 percent of the energy in your commercial property, though it can easily be transformed into an energy saving star. Install high efficiency lighting is an inexpensive cost-effective way to save energy in your building. Changing from incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) or light emitting diodes (LEDs) can save you as much as 50 to 75 percent. Lighted signs, like Exit signs and exterior lighting, should be upgraded to LED for added savings. Here is a place you can even get your tenants involved, ask them to use energy-efficient bulbs and turn off lights when they aren’t being used.

At Perillo Construction, Inc., we can help you incorporate energy saving ideas in your project while delivering outstanding workmanship and quality, always on time and budget.