Designing for a New Decade of Growth

Designing for a New Decade of Growth

Not only has a new year just begun, but also a new decade, each filled with opportunities for growth and success. With that in mind, as you prepare for your office build out, renovation, or new build, you need to design your space to accommodate growth. Whether you have been in business for years or are just starting your new business, you should always be poised to thrive and grow. In terms of office design, this means you should always plan for expansion and growth, otherwise your business will remain stagnate or even begin to waste away. Planning for growth means keeping your office space properly designed and equipped for the future.

You want you business to grow in the coming year and the future decade, but planning office space for the future can be difficult. Growth, additional team members, and expansion are directly correlated, so Perillo Construction has devised a list of tips to help you as you plan for a new office space designed with flexibility, efficiency, and productivity in mind. Remember, a great office design will encourage and motivate your team toward your company’s future success.

Collaborative and Flexible Office Space

Shared office space that is collaborative and flexible is among the most effective of modern office trends. Isolated, private office space is quickly becoming a relic of the past. Designing shared areas makes for greater teamwork and collaboration. Planning your office with these areas, as well as conference spaces, and semi-private areas allows for greater interaction and creativity among employees.

Ask for Input from Your Team

Who better to ask about your office space than those who work in it every day? Ask your team members for input regarding the new office design. While you can’t take every suggestion, studies show that those who are involved in the planning stage are more accepting of the reality that is the new office space. Asking for employee input requires balance, showing team members that their opinions are valued but management is still in control of the overall process. In the planning stages, remind employees that their input should reflect corporate culture, and support your brand.

Use Your Projections

Part of the planning  is determining what you believe your additional employee needs will be for the next year or two. Your projections should be based on historical growth as well as anticipated growth. With your projections in hand, you will need to decide if you will need additional office space or simply a reconfiguration of your existing space. If you need to additional space, always consider negative space (i.e. how much of the overall space will deliver actual workspace) as well as timelines and budgets as you plan.

Private Office Space versus Workstations and Workflow

While collaborative space and workstations are trending, there are still some employees who will need private or dedicated workspace. Determining the needs of your employees can help you plan. Who needs dedicated space? Who can work amid flexible workstations? How conference space is needed? Can collaborative spaces serve as dual capacity spaces? As you make decisions, you also need to factor in your workflow. Employees who collaborate regularly should be near one another. You’ll also want quiet focused workspaces located away from noisier collaborative spaces.

Planning and Designing for Growth

When the time comes for you to plan and design your new office space for growth, call on the team at Perillo Construction to help you determine the floor area you need as well as the optimal configuration of your space. The Perillo team is always ready to help you grow, ensuring that your project is completed on time, within your budget, and with the best materials available.