Designing an Eco-Friendly Build Out for the New Year

Designing an Eco-Friendly Build Out for the New Year

As you plan your build out for the new year and well as the new decade, integrating environmentally friendly element is more important than ever before. As new green building standards are put in place and pressure is put on companies to be more ethical in regard to the environment,  eco-friendly options in commercial property build outs are becoming more readily available. Green living and working, greater energy efficiency, enhanced sustainability, and the reduction of businesses’ carbon footprints are the foundation of these expectations which positively impact the environment. In addition to the environmental impact, these eco-friendly changes encourage the public and have the potential to increase your company’s customer base. Planning and completing your build out in an environmentally friendly manner demonstrates your desire to help the environment and reflects well in the eyes of your customers, colleagues, and clients.

Utilizing Environmentally Friendly Products in your Build Out

Utilizing environmentally friendly products in your build out can transform your property and your image, setting a new standard in green, eco-friendly practices. An easy way to get started is choosing recycled materials like recycled glass countertops in bathrooms, kitchens, and breakrooms can be a beautiful, ecological solution. High quality recycled products are readily available and manufactured in ways that use fewer natural resources helping your build out stay eco-friendly. If recycled products won’t work in your space, you can still be environmentally friendly by asking about a product’s manufacturing process and sustainability. Some manufacturing facilities use water recycling, reducing their water consumption in the manufacturing process, a very environmentally friendly practice you support by purchasing their products. On the front end of your project, consider demolition in your build out as demolition contributes to already overflowing landfills.

Making Your Property Energy Efficient

Your commercial property has an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) with an energy rating for the building. This rating features a scale from A to G indicating the energy efficiency of your property. An ‘A’ rating indicates the highest level of energy efficiency, an important point for potential renters or leasers. If your property’s rating is low, you have the opportunity to enhance during your build out. It can be improved with air pressure testing (more on this below), reducing draughts, upgrading plumbing and water systems, improving HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems. A commercial energy accessor can help you by offering solutions to make improvements and increase your rating.

Air Pressure Testing – A Requirement

Testing the air pressure in new construction is required, but it is also a good idea for existing properties as well. With testing, you can determine air flow quality as well as draughts, both of which mean energy being wasted in your building. Every building allows air to escape, but those areas should be as small as possible, so heat isn’t lost in the winter months, nor is cool air lost in the summer. Reducing your building’s air loss, means your space becomes more energy efficient and therefore more environmentally friendly.

An Eco-friendly Build Out – You Can Make a Difference

Working with a trusted contractor during your commercial build out can help you ensure sustainability and environmentally friendly choices during the entire process. From the selection of high quality eco-friendly materials to the use of green installation processes, your professional contractor can help you make a positive difference for the environment.

At Perillo Construction, Inc., we promise to deliver attention to detail, the highest quality materials, exceptional craftsmanship, and outstanding results for your environmentally friendly build out project.