Creating an Eco-Friendly Space

Creating an Eco-Friendly Space

When planning an office buildout or remodeling space, many fail to consider designing with an eco-friendly factor. Today, it is relatively simple to develop environmentally friendly plans for your commercial space. Doing so not only helps preserve the Earth’s environment for future generations but also means a more pleasing and productive indoor environment for employees, customers, and clients. In the past commercial properties have accounted for more than one third of global energy use and nearly 40 percent of carbon emissions, but with the latest innovations and technologies that no longer needs to be the case. In fact, business owners are finding the cost of environmentally friendly changes is not at all what they suspected. Here, the professionals at Perillo Construction share all the benefits eco-friendly design and practices.

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification shows your employees and your clients you are serious about sustainability and the environment. LEED is green building program with an eco-friendly certification program with the mission to help building owners “maximize occupant health and productivity, use fewer resources, reduce waste and negative environmental impacts, and decrease life cycle costs.” To garner certification, property owners must comply with stringent environmental standards, but, in return, brand their business an environmental leader.

Renewable Energy

In the past, the cost of switching to renewable energy seemed too great for most owners. Not so today. For example, the cost of purchasing and installing solar panels had come down significantly and the investment promises excellent return on investment into the future. Solar energy lowers electric bills, bring the promise of tax benefits, and offer fixed electricity costs. Plus, solar panels last for years (25 or more). If solar panels aren’t feasible for your property or your business, you can purchase renewable energy from off-site plans providing wind, solar, or biofuel power, and even better the cost is comparable to traditional energy sources.

Natural Light

When designing your new office space, working to create and maximize natural light helps to conserve energy during daylight hours thus reducing the need for additional artificial lighting as well as lowering the increased need for heating and cooling. An open floor plan is one way to increase natural light, allowing it to permeate the office space in its entirety. Choosing energy-efficient glass walls can also help maximize natural light. With more natural light, indoor plants will thrive, improving the air quality for your employees and clients.

Enhanced Employee Engagement, Well-Being, and Productivity

The addition of eco-friendly practices, along with natural light and plants, has been proven to improve employee productivity and well-being. Studies have shown natural light along with plants can reduce employee stress and illness, while boosting productivity. In addition, environmentally friendly companies have more satisfied and engaged employees. Employees today want their lives and jobs to make a difference and working for a company who shares their environmentally friendly mindset is a plus!

Improved Customer Loyalty

In addition to more engaged and productive employees, today’s customers also want to engage and support environmentally conscience brands. Many customers use sustainability amid purchase decisions. Sustainable and ethical businesses also garner greater customer loyalty – a win-win for businesses, employees, customers, and the environment.

At the End of the Day

Unplugging and turning off the electronics in your business that won’t be used overnight reduces energy wastes, saving you both energy and money. In addition, installing energy efficient electronics and appliances, as well as adding water-saving options are also great ways to save energy and money in your buildout or remodel.

Call on Perillo Construction

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