Cost Concerns for Medical Office Build Outs

Cost Concerns for Medical Office Build Outs

In a medical office buildout, there are a number of concerns which need to be addressed. For example, patients will need to feel welcomed and comfortable in the environment, while cleanliness, sterility, and safety is maintained. The medical office will need to be outfitted with state of the art medical equipment and the design will need to exhibit warmth as well as functionality. As you plan your successful medical office buildout in your ideal location, both time and money must also be in the forefront of your planning.

As you begin, one of your most important initial tasks is determining the design plan that will work most effectively in your space. For the task to be most successful, you’ll likely need an architect as well as a general contractor. When you interview and meet with these professionals, there are several questions you’ll be asked including if you or your landlord is handling the costs involved, does the property have the appropriate utilities for all the equipment needed, and will the property you have chosen require demolition. Each of these will factor into the time required to complete your buildout as well as the budget needed to get the job done well.

Hiring Your General Contractor

Every buildout, medical or otherwise, should have an experienced general contract. In truth, a general contractor will deliver the highest quality result on time and on budget. Plus, a general contractor will know the areas in which you can save money, while seeing that your practice is properly outfitted for you, your employees, and your patients. Like your knowledge of and specialization in medicine, a professional contractor has the industry know-how and the skills to deliver a successful medical office buildout for your practice that is both functional, inviting, and cost effective.

Avoiding Mistakes During Your Medical Office Buildout

When preparing for a medical office buildout, here is a list of common mistakes and how you can avoid them.

  • Being Your Own General Contractor. While there is no doubt of your expertise in the medical field, are you prepared to take on your medical buildout alone, as your own general contractor? Yes, a general contractor adds cost on the front end of your project, but his or her expertise and knowledge of the industry will see that your project saves money and stays on schedule until completion. Plus, your general contractor will take on the burden of ensuring the most reputable subcontractors are hired and get the job done, taking the stress off you in the process.
  • Underestimating Your Costs. You are well-aware of the cost of the state of the art equipment – IT, medical, laboratory, and more, but you may not be as knowledgeable in the behind the scenes costs in getting your practice ready and running efficiently. In addition to equipment costs there are costs related to the work required to get the space in acceptable, usable order for your practice, and the specialization needed in the buildout to ensure safety where x-ray units are housed or plumbing and electrical needs in exam rooms.
  • Failing to Protect Your Interests. You and your landlord do not have the same goals for the property and so, you should not allow the landlord to make decisions on your behalf. For example, the landlord’s mission is to make money on the property, while you hope to find a reasonable rent in an exceptional location. Protect your interests during negation and throughout the lease process.

At Perillo Construction, we have the knowledge and expertise to ensure your medical office buildout is a success. We promise to deliver – with exceptional quality, superior customer services, and on time scheduling that is within your budget.