Choosing the Best Flooring for Your Build Out

Choosing the Best Flooring for Your Build Out

When choosing the flooring for your build out you want a high-quality option which attracts clients and customers. From tile to wood, vinyl to carpeting, the textures, colors, and quality are endless. Every build out project is unique, which means the best flooring is dependent on a number of factors for your commercial property. The type of work done in your business, the amount of foot traffic, and your branding and style are all factors in the flooring your ultimately select for your interior build out. In many cases, you will likely choose a variety of flooring which complements the area in which it is placed and flows together cohesively throughout your space. On top of that, you want to choose flooring that is durable and long lasting, providing the highest overall value for your project.   In selecting the best commercial flooring for your product, you want premium quality at the best prices, and Perillo Construction can help you with superior commercial flooring from a trustworthy vendor and professional installation team. Let’s explore the best options and benefits from a variety of commercial flooring.

Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is a great option providing durability and long last while adding timeless beauty to your office or commercial space. Wood flooring can be more expensive than other options, but its benefits add the value you want – from being easy to clean, resistant to staining, and lasting for years. Hardwood flooring, because of its overall durability, is often an ideal choice for offices and other commercial areas. In fact, even if your hardwood flooring becomes damaged in some way, it can nearly always be restored with sanding and refinishing rather than a complete floor replacement.


Carpeting can be a great choice in some commercial applications. One of the biggest benefits of carpet is its ability to act as noise insulation. Carpeting does require more maintenance than some other commercial flooring options, in spaces where offices are close together and quiet is needed, it can be the right option. Plus, commercial carpeting can be treated for stain resistance, and is chosen wisely patterns and colors can help hide everyday wear and tear. A solid option for many offices is carpet tile, which can be replaced by the square should staining or damage occur. 

Vinyl Flooring

As one of the most cost-effective options in flooring, vinyl is durable, resistant to dings, stains, or scratches. On top of that, vinyl can complement any décor with a plethora of designs, styles, and colors from which to choose.  Vinyl flooring is also resilient, offering flexibility and comfort when walking, and easy to maintain in a busy commercial environment. Vinyl is available in tiles as well as rolls or sheets and is offered in a variety of price ranges making it a solid option for the budget conscious.

Looking for an Eco-Friendly Option for Your Build Out?

Environmentally friendly flooring is continually gaining in popularity not only because it is unique in appearance, but also because most options offer a durable long-lasting flooring solution. In addition, eco-friendly flooring promotes a positive brand image and support the environment. Some eco-friendly favorites include cork (durable, easy to maintain, antimicrobial, sound, fire, and insect resistant, and long-lasting), rubber (durable, resistant to stains, wear, and tear, sound absorbent, and slip-resistant), bamboo (durable, easy to clean and maintain, and can be refinished as needed), and concrete  (durable, long-lasting, easy care, stain resistant, and versatile).

Choosing the Best Flooring for your Build Out

Perillo Construction is ready to help you find the right flooring for your interior build out, to ensure you get premium quality, best value, and accentuate your brand. We are also ready to help will all aspects of your build out, from planning to completion, with exceptional customer service and expertise.