An Exceptional Buildout

An Exceptional Buildout

When the time comes to start your buildout, it is important to access your needs and understand not only what you need but also why you need it. What are the benefits you hope to achieve through your buildout, primary and secondary. In your move and your subsequent buildout, it is crucial that you maximize the space’s potential in order to create not only a happy and positive working environment, but one that encourages enhanced morale and greater productivity. Keep in mind, the buildout also should improve your company’s reputation and enhance your brand image from the first impression you make in your new office space.

With your buildout plan, you are creating from a blank canvas, one that needs to consider your business, not only today, but for the coming years. Your new workspace should showcase your current business and its values as well as have the ability to adapt to changes which are sure to come in the future.

Start at the Beginning

What do you want to include in your buildout? Buildouts can be simple or complex, with a wide range in between. Starting at the beginning, means beginning at the logical starting point – identify exactly what you want and what you are prepared to take on during the buildout. Are you hoping to save time and money by choosing a “one-size-fits-all” buildout of your space, rather than a customized buildout? Are you sure that will give you what you need for your staff and your business?

Another important point to consider, is your new space dilapidated, a total gut job, you’ll want to factor that into your buildout. Here, you may need to have prep work, such as electrical, mechanical, and structural, before getting to the actual buildout. Once complete, you’ll get to the more common buildout features – the shared spaces, raised flooring, suspended ceilings, mechanical and electrical – and then onto the details that make your new space your own.

Your professional buildout team, like the one at Perillo Construction, can help you decide.

Choosing Your Professional Buildout Team

You’ll want to choose wisely the professionals who will be advising you during the buildout process. When looking for trusted team members, seek out quality references, ensure they have the time to devote to your project as well as the know-how needed to accomplish all you want from your buildout, and most importantly, are their fees clear and transparent.

In many cases, your buildout team will have the needed consultants and engineers in-house, which means you’ll save time and money because you won’t have to find individual, external advisors each with separate fees for your project. In this case, your buildout partner will provide both the design and the buildout, a complete turnkey solution for your project which features appraisals, design, installation, and aftercare. Your buildout team will manage it all, giving you only a single point of contact. This approach is general faster and more cost-effective than a multi-contractor approach.

What to Look for in Your Buildout Partner

Your buildout team should offer assistance every step of the way from the defining of your business’ requirements to the development of your plan, project management throughout, efficient cost estimating, a survey of the new site, feasibility studies, space audits, as  well as space planning and interior design as the project progresses. They should also offer full buildout construction, as well as mechanical, electrical, plumbing, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning), IT and telephony moving and installation as required. In addition, your buildout team should provide planning permission and negotiation with your landlord, along with advice on furniture procurement, and possibly even move management following completion. Your buildout team should have experience and expertise, with a willingness to provide references from past clients as well as arrange visits to other buildouts they’ve completed. They should be able to advise you regarding health and safety issues, and have an in-depth knowledge of your business and industry.

An exceptional buildout begins and ends with an exceptional buildout team like the one at Perillo Construction.