A Value Packed Home Remodel

A Value Packed Home Remodel

Home remodeling has been trending, whether for a single room like a kitchen or home office, or for the entire house. For investors and homeowners, it is important to know remodels mean a major project which takes not only money, but time, energy, and sound decision making to complete effectively and deliver the value desired. Every aspect – materials, finishes, plans, construction, appliances – of a home renovation means a new decision which affects value whether you are remodeling to sell, flipping the house, or making improvements for your family to enjoy. Let’s explore some ways to make sure your remodel delivers a value-packed home!

To DIY or Not to DIY?

When it comes to remodeling and renovation, depending on the extent of the project, going DIY might not be the best approach from which to glean the greatest value. DIY renovations like painting, performing installations with which you are familiar, replacing doors, or other projects can be money saving if they are done properly. If not, dabbling in DIY might result in long-term issues such as the renovations not being up to code, especially when structural elements like roofing and foundation come into play, not to mention challenging area like electrical and plumbing. When in doubt, calling on the professionals ensure renovation will meet or exceed building codes and deliver overall quality and value. Plus, experts, like the team at Perillo Construction, can ensure your property is transformed properly according to your overall vision.

Floor Plans and Design

You’ve probably been told that kitchens, bathrooms, and owner’s suites are elements to include which promise a solid return on your investment when it comes to resale value. It’s true, but you shouldn’t underestimate the value of an open floor plan or a home office, not should you discount the value of incorporating top of the line elements in your design. You don’t have to choose THE most expensive, but rather ensure you chose from high-quality premium brands.

In many cases, fewer rooms can be considered a positive. This “less is more” mindset applies in homes where four bedroom become three bedrooms with owner suites and those in which walls are removed to create open-concept living spaces which can make even small homes seem more expansive.

The Kitchen

Neutral kitchens are trending, offering homeowners the ability to incorporate premium quality with design value should they choose to sell later on. Why? A high quality neutral kitchen also allows you to add your own unique style, go modern or classic, with accessories, paint, and such. When remodeling the kitchen, keep in mind that choosing lighter colored cabinetry offer greater options for your overall style and design. When it comes to kitchen design, don’t over-customize, keep scale in mind, ensure layout flow, and don’t confuse your home’s style. Your kitchen remodel should correlate with the overall style of your home.

The Bathrooms

In similar fashion, keeping bathrooms neutral is one of the keys to value. If you chose to sell after you renovation, you don’t want buyers to see the space as an area they need to remodel right way because you chose to be stylistically specific. Neutral finishes (white subway tiles, marble sinks, etc.) are timeless, as is high quality.

Floor to Ceiling

While wall to wall carpeting may make your home cozier at first glance, for a value packed remodel, get rid of the carpet and opt for wood flooring except in those areas where it isn’t a practical choice (bathrooms, kitchens, basements). When you choose to sell, most potential buyers will see carpeting as difficult to clean. Wood flooring is the ideal choice for open floor plans, while tile or luxury vinyl is better in areas prone to moisture issues. If your home allows, opening ceilings to higher heights increases value. Enhanced ceiling height means valuable area for homeowners, increasing natural light, making to showcase artwork, or adding a feature wall.