7 Tips to Build Out an Office Employees Want to Work at

7 Tips to Build Out an Office Employees Want to Work at

A cool office vibe isn’t easy to accomplish and requires the right decisions during the office build out process. Adding certain bells and whistles and incorporating staff in the design process are 2 ways to build out an office people enjoy working at. This is so important, because the more appealing your office is to staff, the higher quality staff you’re going to attract and maintain. Here are some tips to secure a high-quality office build out that contributes to your profitability and overall success for many years to come.

1. Invite Staff to Be Part of the Design Process

Invite staff members to share their wants, needs, and recommendations for the office build out. What better way to find out exactly what your staff wants and needs to excel? Create an open forum where employees can submit ideas, or hold a staff meeting to openly discuss ideas amongst everyone. This helps create an office culture where employees feel like more than just worker-bees, but a part of the integral operations that make your business what it is.

2. Don’t Forget to Add Some Bells & Whistles

It’s increasingly common for businesses to include full workout facilities and even kegs (yes, filled with beer) in hopes of creating a space employees want to spend more time. Every build out has a budget to stay within, but see where you have room to offer some additional benefits, such as a gym or a large shared kitchen complete with pool tables or other leisure activities for employees to engage in together. Limited on interior space? Consider adding covered tables outside so that employees have additional room to roam as well as the chance to get some fresh air.

3. Wide Open Work Spaces

Creating a community vibe around the office is much easier when you incorporate wide open work spaces for people to collaborate or work individually. Open work spaces, as opposed to more regimented and closed-off offices, tend to be more affordable to construct. For starters, you can take one space and make it useful for a lot of different purposes.

Incorporating open work spaces is a great way to spark creativity and get people excited about working on a project. Adding certain elements, like a foosball table or comfy futuristic chars, can prompt employees to hang around longer and collaborate.

4. Focus on Designs That Represent Office Culture

Office culture is shaped by many different elements, including the layout and décor of the office. The goal is to get all employees on the same page, sharing in the views and beliefs that make your brand what it is.  One way to improve office culture is to create a central focal point that highlights your mission, where you started, and what you hope to achieve.

For instance, Zappos.com, well known for their awesome shoe deals, is also known for their great family-like office culture. To build this level of teamwork, president and CEO Tony Hsieh involved his employees in the development of 10 core values that guide everything they do as a brand. Creating something like this as a team is a great way to get everyone on board.

Add your core values, mission statement, etc. to a large piece of artwork hung from a main wall to remind everyone who you are, where you came from, and the importance of team work.

5. Comfort is Important

Office comfort is just as important as office culture. While a fresh coat of paint and clean carpet make for a solid start, take the extra steps to invest in cozy furniture, high quality desk chairs and other cozy spots for employees to get work done. Other important aspects of a comfortable environment include good ventilation, reliable heating and cooling systems, as well as quality lighting. Just think, what does it take for you to be comfortable in an environment? Temperature, smells, air quality, and surroundings all play a role.

6. Design with Organization in Mind

A disorganized office is difficult to navigate and easily gets out of hand. During the build out process, focus on things you can implement to increase organization in shared spaces and individual office spaces. An organized office helps keep everyone on the same page when it comes to sales reports, marketing plans, and so forth. Tools, office supplies, files, everything needs a designated spot so that employees know exactly how to track down the information they need when they need it.

7. Work With PCI

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