7 Profitable Ideas For Commercial Office Build Outs

outline sketch of a interior office build out

Certain ideas for commercial office build outs provide greater profits than others; allow us to share some of the most profitable ideas of all. The space you work in influences the type of working getting done. Inspirational workspaces produce better workplace moral, which generates to a higher level of customer satisfaction. In other words, nailing the perfect office build out is potent to the future success of any rental space.

1. The Shift Towards Open Office Floor Plans

As attitudes towards work and the overall economy change so do the ways we design commercial office buildings. Over the last several decades the workplace has changed drastically in terms of appearance and functionality. Office spaces were once large and crammed full of desks. Today it’s all about creating a more open and collaborative feel.

Interestingly, this open floor plan is not always the most productive way of working, as some research has found this presents a lot of distractions. According to an article from the Harvard Business Review, “…employees in open-plan spaces, knowing that they may be overheard or interrupted, have shorter and more-superficial discussions than they otherwise would.”

This calls for spaces that are both wide open and collaborative, but that also offer private working spaces for people to go when they really need to focus. (Reference)

2. The Three Most Important Interior Factors That Influence Productivity

Interestingly, the three most important factors that influence office productivity are lighting, the presence of distractions, and air quality.

Poor air quality can decrease productivity by as much as 3%. It is estimated that $15 billion is lost by US companies in relation to poor air quality every year.

The presence of natural sunlight coming into an in office increases productivity. It also improves employee sleep at night, making people more productive the following day.

Noisy, distracting work environments create “cognitive overload” which basically means workers are not able to fully explore their creativity and innovation because their brain is over stimulated by too many distractions. (Reference)

3. Flexible Workspaces

Google is spending one billion dollars to develop a new office space in London, set to open in 2016. One of the most interesting design ideas they are employing states that all furniture, chairs, desks and whiteboards will be on wheels. This way, new groups can form, grow and build, and people can easily collaborate.

Portable workspaces like this have been shown to improve creativity and a feeling of community in the workplace. Google is making it even better with its power network, or rather a system where USB and Ethernet cables come down from the ceiling so that you can connect from virtually anywhere in the room. 

4. No Need To Be Color Shy

Don’t be afraid to play with color when it comes to designing office spaces. Pops of color can make people feel more alive. Different colors provoke different feelings, which is something you can always use to your advantage. McDonalds, for instance, uses the color yellow throughout their logo and locations because the color yellow makes you feel hungry.

Bright colors are known to stimulate the senses while softer colors soothe the senses. As fun as color can be, don’t be afraid to go with the all white or all black look either. Twitter offices in San Francisco are predominantly black, and plenty of other hip and trendy office build outs are completed in shades of almost all white.

5. Modern Office Interiors

The office interiors at some of the biggest and brightest corporations today are extremely modern and bare bones in style. There is little clutter, or distractions, and everything serves a purpose or it’s not there. Modern offices tend to include private spaces for creative thought and greater productivity, but they also have intriguing meeting spaces that promote everyone coming together to collaborate too. 

Fun tiling or unique wall texturing is commonly found in office spaces. This gives the room a more fun and creative vibe. A beveled wall or a wall made of stone; there are so many options to dress up the walls. Adding these sorts of details can be surprisingly affordable while giving the space a more high-end look that any business would be proud to show off.

6. From The Outside Looking In

Customers shouldn’t have to enter a store in order to know what it has to offer. The exterior of a storefront is a key tool you have to greet customers and earn new business. Make sure that the outside of any commercial space is dressed up in a way that shows what the store has to offer. Let your creativity run wild, the more a space stands out, the better.

7. Don’t Forget The Bathrooms

As last minute as planning office bathrooms might seem, the potty room is very important. Creating a bathroom that looks and functions good is key to happy employees and customers. The truth is, we all have to use the bathroom so it’s important that it’s there, it works and is designed as a welcoming space.

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