6 Ways Tenant Project Management Helps You Save Money Today & In the Future

6 Ways Tenant Project Management Helps You Save Money Today & In the Future

Tenant project management is vital to the success of your interior office build out. Working with an experienced project management team brings valuable insider knowledge to every aspect of your project. There are countless ways we work to save you money, including scoring the best deals on subcontractors, as well as carefully tracking project progress to keep things in budget and on time. 

Sit back, relax and let us take care of bidding out projects, hiring sub-contractors and working with your architect to adjust project specifications as needed. We make sure your project remains up to code and utilizes the best materials for your budget. Let us take care of our specialty so that you can focus on yours, running your business.

Hiring a project manager can save you money in a lot of different ways, not only during the construction process but years down the road as well.

6 Ways Our Project Management Services Save You Money

#1. Save Money on Quality Contractors

A general contractor frees you up from having to research, interview and hire the right sub-contractors for every job. They also ensure you get the best deals possible. We provide our general contractors with a lot of work, which means they are happy to give us bulk discounts. We pass these discounts directly to our clients.

When you hire unknown contractors, you take a risk. You never know if they’ll flake off halfway through the job, or fail to get the job done right. These sorts of issues can cost you unnecessary money and stress. We help lower your risks considerably by hiring contractors we have worked with many times over.

#2. Follow Local Building Codes & Safety Regulations to Avoid Fines & Penalties

Forgetting to follow a few simple codes or local regulations can result in steep fines, but that’s not all. You may also have to rip up the work that’s already been done (and paid for) and reinstall it. There’s no need to waste time or money redoing what’s already been done. Albeit, that’s easier said than done considering there are so many building safety codes, fire regulations, and so forth. An experienced project management team helps ensure you stay in line with local building codes and regulations every step of the way.

#3. Install Low-Flow Fixtures for Ongoing Savings

Low-flow fixtures save money and water, two important resources no one wants to waste.

#4. Install Energy Efficient Lighting for Ongoing Savings

We make sure you are getting the latest and most energy efficient lighting solutions. This saves you money on your electric bill, and systems last longer without needing to be replaced.

We also make sure to install long lasting appliances so that you don’t have to worry about replacing costly equipment in a matter of years. Our experience helps safeguard the quality of appliances and electronics included in your interior office buildout.

#5. Follow Healthy Indoor Air Quality Guidelines & Safeguard Employee Health

Did you know that poor air quality is a leading cause of worker illness? Poor air quality will negatively impact the health and wellbeing of your employees, leading to higher turnover rates, increased absences, and lower employee morale. This translates to reduced profits and can put you at risk for lawsuits if employees can prove working at your business is making them sick.

We help reduce your risk now and in the future by paying close attention to healthy indoor air quality standards. We implement the proper mechanisms to ensure the freshest air possible.

#6. We Catch Issues as They Arise & Problem Solve 

As your general contractor, we stay on top of project progress every day of the week. We create project reports, take pictures, and host weekly meetings to ensure everything is on track and going as planned. This level of oversight allows us to react at the first sign of budgetary or timeline issues. We work hard to solve problems and get your project back in line. Without the advanced systems we employ to oversee projects, it would take longer for issues to raise their head, potentially allowing budgets to spiral out of control.