6 Fundamental Steps That’ll Ensure A Successful Interior Office Build Out

6 Steps To Ensure You Have A Successful Interior Office Build Out

Outline your goals, create a killer team and know the timeline and budget for your project and you’re already on your way to a successful interior office build out.

6 Steps To Ensure You Have A Successful Interior Office Build Out

Outline All Of Your Main Goals

Before you get ahead of yourself it’s important to sit down and assess your project goals. This is the time to face any tough questions head on, such as:

-What is the scoop of the project? Are you moving walls, installing new technology or simply upgrading finishes?

-What is the timeline for the project? And, what sort of occurrences could derail this time frame?

-Will everyday work continue during renovations or is it strictly a construction scene?

-What regulatory agencies will you be in contact with throughout the process?

-What are your expectations in terms of quality? Does your budget support these expectations? If not, where can you shave off some expenses?

Create A Winning Team

There are countless components to a successful interior build out, which includes hiring a variety of contractors and vendors. The architect is generally the first person you hire. An architect is trained to transform your ideas into a scaled drawing that can be produced in real life. We are happy to connect you with one of our trusted architects or work with an architect you pre-select.   

If you do not hire a project manager you must go out and single-handedly find every last contractor you need. Without doubt this is incredibly time consuming and even risky. Unless you’ve done this before and already have solid connections, you don’t really know what kind of services and products you’ll end up with. Also, hiring contractors you don’t have a working history with increases the risk your project goes grossly over budget or is not completed on time. 

As your project manager, we work with your architect to bring drawings to life in the most cost effective way possible.  Think of us as you project advocates, working tirelessly to ensure you get what you want within your specified budget and time frame. Plus, since we repeatedly work with the same contractors we are able to secure discounted deals. 

We know exactly what you need; from following building codes to making sure your entry way is appealing to potential customers. At the end of the day, hiring a project management company truly pays for itself.

Get To Know The Building

Learn everything you can about the building by conducting research. You should know:

-The age and operating condition of any electrical or mechanical components in the building.

-The overall condition of the building, as well as how much it can safely support in regards to renovations. It’s never a good investment to add a bunch of beautiful additions to a building sitting on a faulty foundation.

-Details from past site evaluations, as well as how thorough these evaluations were.

-Consider conducting an assessment of the site to avoid starting construction only to be halted by issues related to asbestos, lead, water intrusion or toxic mold.

-Uncover important historical details. There may be certain considerations you must follow in regards to preserving historical qualities of the building.

Make A Detailed (And Realistic) Schedule

At this point in the planning process you’ve got a general idea as to how long the project will take and what tasks need to get done. Combine all of this information to create a reasonable timeline—the keyword there is reasonable. Remember to give yourself more time than you think you’ll need because something unexpected almost always arises.

Do The Math To See If Costs Fall In Line With Your Budget 

Tally up every last cost and don’t forget to add in around 10% extra for unexpected expenses. The number one reason projects go over budget relates to unforeseen issues and subsequent project delays. The only thing you should always expect is the unexpected. If you go into the project prepared for something unexpected it’ll be less of an issue.

Partner With PCI

PCI has been providing superior project management for interior office build outs for over 35 years. Our goal is to provide peace of mind from start to finish. Allow our valuable connections and unmatched industry insights help you create an interior build out that supersedes all expectations while staying on budget.