5 Ways Miami General Contractor Can Help You Save Money On Office Interior Build Out

5 Ways Miami General Contractor Can Help You Save Money On Office Interior Build Out

A Miami general contractor will greatly increase efficiency and overall smoothness of your interior office build out, while also saving you money in unexpected places. Regardless of your budget, a general contractor will help you stay on budget and get the most out of your investment.

Signs You’ll Save Money On An Interior Office Build Out By Hiring A General Contractor

You should consider hiring a general contractor before hiring an architect to draw up any fancy plans, especially if you have a budget to stick to. Here are a few signs you could save a good deal of money by hiring a general contractor for your interior office build out.

  • You have little to no experience with office build outs in general.
  • You have little to no experience with office build outs of the magnitude you are currently faced with.
  • You are working in an area with little to no industry vendor connections, thus preventing you from getting good deals or ‘hook ups.’
  • Your project is large scale with many interconnected parts and vendors.
  • You are not very familiar with local codes and building regulations.

Make sure to discuss the full scope of your project needs with your general contractor, making sure to define the most important project goals. Be up front and honest about your budget and if there is any wiggle room. Inquire about project approach, time lines and any deals they can secure for you upfront. 

PCI would love to answer any and all of your questions regarding your interior office build out. Contact us today to learn more about our general contracting services.

Will You Save Money Being Your Own General Contractor? 

There are no shortage of ‘how-to’ articles and books, all of which tell you how to save money being your own contractor. If the project is pretty simple, everything goes exactly as planned and you’re a serious project management pro, sure, it just might pan out for you. But in reality, the savings of being your own contractor are hugely inflated. Not to mention, taking on a project without the necessary experience and vendor connections is pretty much guaranteed to result in mishaps, miscommunications and overpaying for materials.

5 Ways A General Contractor Could Save You Money

Valuable Vendor Connections Help You Secure Better Deals

Since general contractors work with industry vendors on many different projects, our connections help us to secure way better deals on materials and labor.

Daily Monitoring Of Project Expenses & Overall Progress

We work hard to keep your project in budget every step of the way.

Keeping daily and weekly tabs on every facet of your project is not easy and requires a lot of work, but we are always up for the challenge. As your general contractor, we rely on regular meetings and detailed reports to keep up with changes as they occur. This helps pinpoint issues before they start to add up. 

Knowledge & Experience Pays Off Every Time   

An experienced general contractor has seen it all and knows how to handle a wide variety of situations that would be unfamiliar to the average person. As a result, you have someone that’s been there before to help you make tough decisions.  Years of experience afford general contractors valuable knowledge concerning the most suitable materials, vendors, design ideas and more. You’re not just paying for someone to manage your project, but to provide sound suggestions and leadership that result in a higher quality finished project for less.   

Helps Reduce Common Project Holdups

Many things can hold up a build out, including miscommunications over building codes or a faulty plumbing job and a missing plumber. Simply hiring contractors for the job does not guarantee the work will be done on time or for the agreed upon price. You never know what could go wrong, which is why experts suggest setting aside at least 10-15% extra for unexpected costs.

A general contractor can’t prevent all holdups but they can help stop many of the most common holdups from postponing your project and costing you additional money in the process. Knowing what to expect, the best vendors to hire and how to remain up to date on all codes for inspections helps prevent countless headaches and project delays.

Helps Prevent Common Future Issues

A general contractor has the knowledge and experience to create build outs that can span the test of time. Long lasting work is important for a contractor’s reputation as well as all of the vendors a contractor regularly relies on. This creates a larger sense of reputability that will pay off in the future in terms of reduced issues and easier access to solutions if a problem does come up.