General Contract Services

Developer/Tenant Obligations

  • The Scope of Work, as specifically defined by the Landlord for his work obligation to the tenant space development in a new or existing building.
  • In developing an accurately detailed cost and schedule projection, the construction manager requires the following information from Architect / Developer / Building Manager in addition to the Scope of Work:

Rent-able square footage

  • Usable square footage
  • Specific quantity allowances for items not clearly defined in the work letter
  • Proposed commencement date for start of construction
  • Special trades for items
  • Required occupancy date
  • Rules and regulations of the building
  • Critical lease dates for submittal’s and approvals

Rental Space Considerations

Categorizing of space development such as Institutional, Commercial, Retail or Residential is important in their individual analysis for subcontractor. Manpower scheduling, with consideration being taken into account that the unit prices will vary depending upon the project.

General Contractor Commitment

As a General Contractor, we are contracted to provide strictly general construction services. In this role, the General Contractor provides this service after drawings are substantially developed and proceeds to submit a quotation within the time frame set forth. As Construction Manager, PCI becomes an active team member, Architect and Engineers, during the design phase and as the General Contractor during the construction phase.

Building Conditions

Many building items and conditions must be evaluated. Indicated below, is a brief example of what should be looked for:

Existing Building:

  • Scheduled move out of tenant now occupying space to be developed
  • Extent of demolition efficiency of existing electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems
  • Availability of vertical transportation for material delivery and construction activities
  • Access to space and special protection required
  • Repairs necessary to restore building to a new standard condition
  • Compliance with latest code and laws Building standard material to match